soon to be entitled the busiest man in the world… I am bloody booked up every day with something over the whole of april and then in may I left doors open because of because of because of because of… not too many official appearances announced at moment but do not forget to check the upcoming dates section of this site, you´ll never know when something is up. aye, I do finish this up with my first annual ode to the late killjoy of necrophagia, I´ll go have a quick beer in your honor on the way home from work before studies set the pace for tonight. wherever you are, reign in bloody gore*!






*for those NOT itk, killjoy was a great fan of gore, cannibal and splatter movies. so it is with pleasure I do remember him for what was a big part of his life.

The heck… Killjoy of Necrophagia left without letting me see him perform live. I tried a few times but they always cancelled, thank you for the music and the films that I consumed for over thirty years by now… A great inspiration for the not so smart cannibalistic lyrics I wrote when I was barely a teenager int he 1980s. Good nobody ever really got to hear or worse, even read those words. Quoting myself, I was too young to face the difference between writing cool lyrics, like Killjoy, or just write very stupid lyrics dropping words from the films I saw and the other records I listened too. Parents should not let 13-year-olds write horror lyrics for death metal songs. Just my words on that subject and now we never need to talk about this again.