Everlasting fires

Yesterday afternoon I hurried out from the office and nearly ran through the streets over the heart of the city via old town to the south central. I were in a state of shock and panic and headed from bar to bar had pint after pint trying to realize what the hell was going on. Eventually, I took a deep breath and walked home to catch some sleep.

For yesterday I had an original plan just to go home, relax and play some excellent vinyl. Chilling and warm up for tonight’s concert by Metallica at the Stockholm Globe Arena aka the golf ball. Then again I got proven how fast your life can change.

Just before leaving the office my doctor called me. I had over a year of investigations for esophageal complications. Been suffering from them since my trauma with Boerhaave Syndrome the summer of 2005. He told me that I most likely suffer from Achalasia, it is not dangerous according to him, just a few x-ray sessions and a slight surgery and possible injections of muscle-relaxing medicines.

Then you should know that I now at the same time suffers from a fracture in my shoulder that does not heal as expected so I might need a surgery for that one, too.

So, after having years of complications with learning to live with new handicaps, (learn to swallow food and fluid with a synthetic windpipe, learning to walk and talk again after being beaten to death by a manic junkie and living life with absolutely zero olfactories, the hardest of them all being a sommelier, have to start over and learn me the senses of taste and all that comes with it) I have to go through another diagnosis with everything included. I have to go to all appointments with the doctors, do x-rays, do surgery and then get well and go back to life and hope that the shit helped out one more time.

The same with the bloody shoulder.

Sometimes I just go and wonder if it is just would be easier to stay in pain and continue to suffer. Like now, that is what I do, I can hardly sleep due to the pain in the shoulder but I am still at the office each morning doing my missions. I have always been like that, a warrior fighting for my right to enjoy life.

Waking up today I just had all that panic, shock and fear thrown away. I do have a very exciting time of my life coming up starting with Metallica tonight followed by a great party week as my favorite bar in Stockholm along Akkurat and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, Oliver Twist turns 25. There will come brewers, beer legends and fanatics from all over the world and I will see faces I am missing hardly at this great celebration AND I will do some DJ-sets, not playing metal music, just great music. Then there will be a few days reigning with super great shows from absolutely top artists in my world such as Under the Church, Lik, Johnny Marr, Jex Thot, Wolfbrigade, Sleep & eventually Iron Maiden finishing off the spring and getting us ready for the summer.

The summer might be long, as awaiting my bloody surgeries and medical investigations I can not book anything up at all. I´ve claimed holidays in August but might just have to stay home and then I can bloody work, if not I do have trips to England and Italy on my mind, if not I save up money and go for a trip to the west coast of the United States of America to taste beer and wine in the fall. Who knows.

So, my point is: despite you go through rough times, loneliness & medical disorders, look at all the good quality you still have in your life and take care of it, enjoy it, live it. I´ve met children in the townships of South Africa being brought into the civilized worlds completely rock bottom having hopes and dreams of life. It is ok to feel sorry for a night because you have to go down in your deep self and cry out the knowledge of yet another defeat in life, feel it, take the pain out of it to vanquish the tough times. Whether it is medical complications, just harsh times or your lover dumped you stay with your hopes and dreams and do not let the shit in life drag you down.

I hope to see some unexpected faces down Oliver Twist this week.


Soundtrack 2017

So here it is, my favorite albums out of 2017… Hold on! This was a recycling year, so we heard many of these records before by other artists. Still, sometimes you back to where you enjoy yourself at it´s best…

Rules: no re-recorded albums, no cover albums, no live records with old songs and no E.P.´s. This why two of my favorite records out of 2017 is just mentioned here and not listed because one is a re-recording and one contains too many cover songs.

Mourning dawn “The Dead years”

Little Steven & the disciples of soul “Soulfire”

So on with it!

17: Bell Witch “Mirror Reaper”

The one song album lasts for about 75 minutes and the part between the 26:37 and 47:49 is my all time favourite sounds by this band. They are masters of making unlistenable music listenable, and that is their big fall as long as they create music not meant for everybody for more people than it was meant to. Still, this is a hard job to listen to and you can not turn it off. Once you pop you can not stop sort to say… Excellent job. Un forty I will miss their gig in Stockholm in April.

16. Society´s Decline “No angel on the shoulder of the world”

Back in the eighties, I was consuming a load of aggressive American punk like Slapshot, Agnostic Front, and Poison Idea. This is really hitting cousin it in the very centre of that universe and it is bloody ace. The best thing is that the record is only just past 18  minutes so you can loop it over and over. Swedish punk is far away from dead and with bands like this you feel comfortable up here in this corner.

15. Tau Cross “Pillar of Fire”

The extremely hard second album by a “super group” was not that difficult. Slashing rock with a line-up of The Baron, Away & Andy Lefton. What could possibly go wrong?

14. Memoriam “For The Fallen”

This breeds classical British Death Metal and crusty punk. These guys come from bands such as Sacrilege, Benediction and Bolt Thrower and you could certainly hear that as it is a mix of the greatest sounds from these institutions in my record collection. Saw them live in Tilburg, Eindhoven, and Glasgow. Hilarious! We even got to hear a few Bolt thrower themes and I witnessed a duet between two previous Boltbthrower singers in Eindhoven.I´ve been enjoying these sounds from the late eighties and will do for the additional minimum of thirty years, believe me. THIS is music! I think this will progress and rise with the next album. Extremely high expectations on that one. A very promising start why I down rated this a bit as I know they do have severe bombs in Birmingham to bring up.

13. Ufomammut “8”

Must be impossible to follow up their three latest with the same class but it is ALMOST there… Spaghettisspacedoomgaze at it´s best.

12. Radar Men From the Moon “Subversive II: Spelende De Mens”

The psych masters from Noord-Brabant finally did it. After being near but not really there for two, not so chubby records, they did hit it big time. This is hardcore psychedelia and for persons who like the first scenes down at the club from the movie “Irreversiblé”. This is a MUST listen too if you ever will be the person that could talk to me in thirty years and say “remember your reaction after the first 9 minutes of this record?”…

11. Ohhms “The Fool”

A band I never got to see play live yet due to the terror attack on Stockholm on April 7 where the cops closed down all the clubs and live music they could think about. I´ve heard this record so many times on so many other records by so many other bands by now that it is almost considered insane. Still the sludgy doomy stony bloody radio rock, we might best be heard before by Shrinebuilder in the house. too much radio metal for me but I like to squeeze the cheese some times too. Enough info.

10. Electric Wizard “Wizard Bloody Wizard”

Another long and going favourite band. Frantic riffs that scare the shit out of you and all the elements. It is a very hard year to review because the great music created is so great so some days I would rate all of these gems higher but somewhere you have to realize how small the differences are between second place and the winner and then tomorrow when this is in print you will remember all the records you forgot.

9. Sólstafir Berdreyminn”

Icelandic cowboys. Always somew2here between doom, gaze and a spaghetti western soundtrack Hilarious! I will never ever stop listening to hem or go watch their gigs over and over. Far from top moments but still really classy. They will awaken any Vulcan any time, beware!

8. Dool “Here now, there then”

Another “almost” record. You know how much I adored The Devil´s Blood and this is maybe as close to any existing leftover from that spirit even including an ex-member of that band. Probably the record I listened most minutes too in 2017 and the reason I got furious when my medical situation did not allow me to go to Eindhoven Metal Meeting and see them. Vantablack for the masses!

7. Morbid Angel “Kingdoms Disdained”

Maybe I underrated this album before it´s release so I overrate it in my ratings. I do not know. Since the disappointment with “Blessed are the Sick” they never really came back to me. “Abominations of Desolation” is some of the best ever recorded music and everything they had there, on their later demos/rehearsal tapes and first actually released records were all gone. So i had no expectations at all here. This monster actually cheered me up. never been a fan of the album with Steve Tucker but here he really comes through and proves why he is a morbid angel.

6. Sorcerer “The Crowning of the Fire King”

This is classical Swedish doom metal and nobody, except Sorcerer and Grand Magus manages to keep it up these days. Fantastic. So rarely above anything else I´ve heard in this genre for a very long time.

5. Watter “History of the Future”

If you mix melancholic, abstract doom, gazing pop, psychedelic indie, The Stone Roses and something from the first three, lesser-known Kraftwerk-albums you do end up here. A fantastic album and the reason I do consider to travel to Roadburn 2018. Does it make you think about “History of a time to come” by Sabbat?

4. Mefisto “Mefisto”

This record could have ended up on this spot only for the first song. Nothing ever sounded so much Mefisto as “Death Angel”. Pure magic and the rest of the album proves a band full of vengeance claiming their roots. There is much more to discover on this album, besides a guest appearance from L-G Petrov we do find dynamic songs in the classical vein, not necessarily soundwise, as the Mefisto tapes, we died for in the second half of the 1980s. This is a true record that personifies me, who I am and who I´ve been since the age of ten. the only question is the song “In Morte Victoria”, not a bad song but definitely not a Mefisto song. Would´ve been more natural for a band like Coldplay or something to record. The Swedish texted “Mörker, Kom Ta Min hand” and the finalizing “Mefisto (Anno1892)”  are other epic moments from this classic.

3. Immolation “Atonement”

The most “almost” band in the whole world almost did it again. “Dawn of possession” is almost the best modern death metal record, almost conquering the new school band of death metal. They almost released this record on my birthday (it was out the day after) and it is almost as good as their debut album from 1991. This is as good as new school death metal gets and it is almost as good as the old school.

2. Venom Inc. “Ave”

Three of the most underrated records in the world were recorded by this trio: “Prime Evil”, “Temples of Ice” and “The Wate Lands” when they still were allowed to be called Venom. Then the legendary trio of Venom including Cronos re-united in the mid-nineties just before Abbadon had enough and left and then they recorded another record with Mantas, it just was not Venom and the Mantas were trolled by Cronos who claimed the band by himself in 2005. Just for the record: this is Venom. This is the guys who are the two original members of the band being Mantas and Abbadon, writing the songs and getting the things together. I have nothing against Cronos and his Venom, but they do not sound like Venom. Venom can only sound like Venom when Abbadon and Mantas play together. Cronos thing sounds like Cronos and some musicians play Venom songs and other songs. This sounds like the god´s rock´n roll. Far from their finest moment but still good enough to be a every day listen.

  1.  Thurston Moore “Rock´n Roll Consciousness”

Every person with a nerdy interest in music goes its own superhero. Here is mine and this is the most incredible guitar playing I´ve heard since “Daydream Nation”. even when you face moments like 2:55 into “Turn On” sounding like the most typical-day-at-the-office-thurston Moore you can imagine this is supremely brilliant. When 2017 opened up I could never believe hearing anything at this level as neither Black Sabbath, the legendary trio of Venom, Nuclear Assault, Autopsy, Motörhead or Iron maiden were announced to record a full-length record.

Of corpse… the minute I posted this I wondered which place I gave “Eroded Corridors of Unbeing” by Spectral Voice and unfortunately, they just got the honourable mention for that fantastic effort. Also worth an honourable mention: Deep PurpleInfinite” be their best album since “Perfect Strangers

Into everlasting Fire 2018!


the release party went more than well. over 60 ppl attended and we saw legends such as Roberto from Mefisto, Linus from IXXI, Messiah Marcolin and many other familiar faces in the crowd.


don´t forget you can order the book still just press the shop button and there will be a link to my band site where there is a merch section with book featured ship world wide

here are two video shots from two of the numbers presented at the release party, first one with me and young piano hero Zacharias performing the opening of the book with special music written for the book performances by the books artist Lilith Grimmefrost, all cred and honor goes to her who could not appear at the release party

the second shot is me and fredrik dingvall of bloodofjupiter performing one of our songs “storm past torture” in a café-version, this song contains many different lyrical parts from the book there were more parts that certain night and we got provided with a special barrel aged imperial stout with an abv of 14.5% which I named “CTHULU” for this special night by http://www.frequencybw.com/home/. a huge thank you to DEBASER STOCKHOLM for letting us be there and to everyone whom attended this event