The Nerds of the Beast – Episode 5.

Episode 5? WTF happened to episode 3 & 4?

Hold on they are just a bit delayed.

So as a little x-mas bonus for all of you here it is just as Árstídìr probably finish their annual x-mas gigs and drink the beer they do talk about here. This is the episode with Icelandic folk & singer-songwriters Árstídìr. An excellent little quick talk just before they hit the stage in Stockholm December the 20th 2017.

A lesson in some Icelandic beer-history, being a band on tour, Ninkasi Brewery be a fan and fill their tour bus with beer TWICE etc. David Isberg meets Gunnar Már Jakobsson & Ragnar Ólafsson from Iceland’s folk music heroes Árstídìr just before they bumped onstage for a fantastic final gig after a five-week tour with Sólstafir. A true classic!

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did.