this morning I woke up with a flooding nose. a superbly bad timing.

well, nothing to do than stay in bed and hope things turn lose by mid-week. so, missing work, hosting beer tastings and so on I am also unable to go and work out. being 8kilos over my estimated weight after a long time with too much good food and no work out due to a broken shoulder, I was happy that I finally got it going a few weeks ago and went back to the gym and do something about it as I became bloody fat (look at the youtube from my bands latest gig and you can see I am swollen, one of many reasons why it is not linked here).


I go back to rest/sleep now and hope I do can face the world again on Wednesday.


full action this week and no rest… hope I can come to sense tomorrow night and just have an eve off… still working with the final detail of the new edition of my podcast… still practicing hard with my band to do a good job Dec 1st, when we finally perform live after over seven years of existence…

The Dawning of a new Pod-era



Time to reveal one of all my new things…


My Pod #TheNerdsoftheBeast will start its new life in early November 2018 under the name The Death Metal Sommelier & The Nerds of the Beast.


More honest & rawer than ever.


Blip in here and looki looki because sooner than you think the next episode will be online.

Independent, underground, unsponsored. No rules, no pose, no shit. Just my next thing. Nothing else.

/ The One and Only Death Metal Sommelier (c.)2009

slowly updating this one as well as the new site for my band  bloodofjupiter.  hopefully, have some time to present some news during this week or by the next one…

well, these things take time as I work alone with no help from some other person. as a bonus I am more than busy this time of the year with my job, band rehearsals, dj-set and the mandatory visits to gigs and ice hockey games and order Venom-bootlegmerch…


right now running through tough times with loads of work and projects. mean I do not need more things in my Filofax at the moment so I´ll top it with a DJ set by the Brant Bjork gig in Stockholm November the third… will play amazing songs, new and classic. just rock it…


tickets (if still remain) and further information:

Brant Bjork Debaser 11-03-18: