right now running through tough times with loads of work and projects. mean I do not need more things in my Filofax at the moment so I´ll top it with a DJ set by the Brant Bjork gig in Stockholm November the third… will play amazing songs, new and classic. just rock it…


tickets (if still remain) and further information:

Brant Bjork Debaser 11-03-18:



aye, my personal instagram have a hiatus at moment.

not sure when it will be back or if ever. still there but no updates at moment.

twitter goes on, slowly but goes on. i do have my reasons and it is because of certain things, not attached to anything that really matter to anyone else at moment just need more time for my works and projects so just might need to focus on that and not spread captures to like anyone.

at least i can try.


Reflections and summaries. The more I do see, the more I do get, the more I am convinced I am right at one certain direction. I need to set more things a side. New projects coming at me. New schools and other ambitions. Away fromthe past, further away. I did not know but I told myself this saga years ago, now the story is clear in mind.

Time to go back inside and see what strength can do.