Somedays you feel useless. Like all the good times are gone. You keep on wonder if it ever will come something back with a meaning. With a purpose. With a injection of lust for life. You just stand there. It is all grey. It is cold. So cold but grey. Just grey and empty. Will your next supper be the last supper. Will you just give it all up and let it go. Maybe you want to punish all the near, supplying you cold feelings every day. Like they do exist in every breath you take. They are the reason why you stopped doing certain things. They took after you and they are there. Just why are they there? Why did you let them climb into your garden and steal all your apples except the last few ones. They smashed them infront of the ones tou thought you could trust. You turn into nothing and you just want out. Away.


So far we made one performance of the book live.
The only filmed minutes from this creation as we know it. Lilith plays her music special written for this event. I am the boring bloke holding the microphone.

We might do this again…

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David Sebastian Isberg & Lilith Grimmefrost presents: “Ornament of the ominous demoniac – the coagulated blood of David”


“…there were a sequence of a triad. A score so well targeted. He breathed repentant but aggressively and created a massive fear in the…”




David Sebastian Isberg will release the book “Ornament of the ominous demoniac – the coagulated blood of David”. It is the first book in a trilogy release.

It contains collective writings, poems and song lyrics from his band bloodofjupiter written in the last few years. 

Part two in the trilogy will be very deep and dark experiences near about death and part three about experiencing life. Exactly how the books are weaved together will be told by the release of each book.

David Sebastian Isberg is most famous for his contribution to the Swedish alternative music scene and extreme metal, known as the singer of bloodofjupiter and many previous bands, rock-dj all over Europe, promoter for several clubs and concerts.

Besides alternative music, David is a Sommelier and works with wine.

The texts in this book are interpreted by Lilith Gimmefrost and her illustrations. She also translated the book into music, hopefully recorded and released one day.

Lilith Grimmefrost is a debuting artist from the shadows of the harsh, sour and cold rain in the west side of Sweden.

The book will be followed by a few well selected spoken word & musical avant garde style performances by the duo around Europe.