The past is alive and it creates a surreal reality.

All of a sudden.

I am so small.

I have nothing left.

I threw it all away.


I try to talk.

I am not heard.

I try to feel.

I am just hurt.

The new sphere of sorrow and mind misery.

Where I am.

I am trying to run.

I hope I will take the right turn.

Away from this morbid reality.

That slowly breaks me down.



The hardest thing in life must be sorrow and broken heart.

I faced them both this week.

Your world stops and nothing ever means anything no more.

Happiness and joy can not exist.

Life must go on.

My sorrows never ends.

Still it can turn.

Evrything can come again.

It can all return.

The joy and the meaning of life.

My happiness, my everlasting strife.