Sounds I hear. There are sounds everywhere. I can not escape the sounds. I can just fly my wounds.

So many questions. I do feel it though. That partically this future may be rough. Like my life has ever been. Apparently the world gives me torment. I most likely deserve no silence, calm or joy.

Deep down under the water or in what I now have drown. I still make all decisions for my own.

A few things I can never invoke or control. It is the traces of my wounded souls fate. Just like this world gives me more & more hate.

The end of another day approaches. Opened up in darkness, brings me to sleep in a dark eternity.

adequate solutions to tomorrow’s riddles I escape reality and in my innermost being I enter ginns most for me and so take me less consideration I still get for others give way as tonight’s ceremonies take effect where the sea gold will saturate us and with intoxication in our drink our thirst get plain … than an evening of existence in the roar enters my life

Seeing the doves

They do not see me

Like most of everything do not do

I am not seen

I am not invincible

Just not chosen to be seen

By most

By you

I know

You can lie it away

I can see through your lies

I know when you lie

I know so much more than you ever expect

I might be invincible

Still, I am in the know

In the know

You can fool so many others

But you can never fool me

I know you far too well

I know

I do know

Yes, I bloody do know

I do

The turn

The burn

The lapse of your consciousness

The state of mind

A stage of grind

A measure of the catch

Or the falling down

Falling off

Going nowhere

Claiming the impossibilities

The impossibilities that just exists

For them who believes in that

They who will never measure te catch

The catch of dreams

The making of scenes

Where everything can and will come true

I am just saying it to you my dear

This is all about the eve that will come

It is everything, not just this some

It is all about that eve



When will a right be a right?

Why was I wrong?

Did simplicity come along?

Why is the border crossed?

The line of the border?

The borderline?

The syndrome?

The pain in the pain?

The ever-growing grain?

Did simplicity come along?

Am I still nothing but wrong?

I ask you.

Just wondering if you ever will answer.

This is about you and I.

Will we see or will we cry?

What emotions are for?

They will keep on knocking on that door.


The utter transportation. The journey of my soul. The ugliness of my outer me. Could not care less. I am and I stay. The jams of the lanes. Breaks other illusions than hearts. I can still see the ocean. I can drink from it’s water. I can eat from it’s innards. A wet garden of delight. Deep down under. Nearby the light but so below abd beyond. A world of other physics. A world of other motions. There is still a world. It just is not ours. We just take what we want. As always.