Made of Stone

(Some pics might be old but true til death)


The debut book by David Isberg & Lilith Grimmefrost released earlier this year

Ornament of the Ominous Demoniac – the coagulated blood of David

My collective writings and poetry interpreted to illustrations in various techniques by Lilith Grimmefrost limited to 325 copies only. Available only from Sound Pollution Record Store Stora Nygatan in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. New stock just in.

this time of the year again when you lie down deep and burps around in the dirtiest ashes. you’ve lost faith in life. you can not visualize your hopes and dreams. other persons you thought you loved just makes this for you. they drag you down, leave you helpless deep below. everytime you need to rise again all by yourself. your love and friendship ends up justvas a forgotten past. you can no more pleased or amused. you’re not even going for the dirt. you do not fear the future as you just ticked everything off. like you close the light when you leave a room. you just shut everything with a meaning to your life off. a typical monochrome syndrome. was it worth it?

ouff, did some tidying up and now it really looks like hell here haha. fixing one chaos gave me a few more. now time to eat a portion of chilli, try to be social at someone’s 50th anniversary and then get some doom from Windhand at Debaser tonight. I might be a boring

to most of you I might be a boring weasel just drinking my complex beer n wine bottles, see bands most have not heard of and do not often socialize with others at all, but I am pleased with myself and got some harmony in my inner self, compared to others as it looks to me.