Got too many impressions lately.

Do not know where to put them.

Maybe they are no good.

Maybe they are just in the way.

What if I can learn a something.

What if I can not.

Why should I leave it all just there?

Is there a reason to go through with it all.

One day I will see.

One day I will find out.

Where I will be that day and it will mean to me.

Only I will ever know.



I am so loud.

I can never break silence.

I am so loud.

You can not hear me.

I am so loud.

I scream for no one.

I am so loud.

I face my fear.

I am so loud.

I am close to nothing.

I am so loud.

You turn away.

I am so loud. 

I am lonely.

I am so loud.

I do not have any pride.

I am so loud.

My hair turns grey.

I am so loud.

I can’t compete with wispers.

I am so loud.

You can not see me in the dark.

I am so loud.

I’ll fear an empty glass.

I am so loud.

You play me out.

I am so loud.

The weird and the poor.

I am so loud.

I am so loud.

I am so loud.

I am so loud.

I am so loud.

I could not hear you.

I am so loud maybe I never will.

I am so loud.

I never found the breaks.

I am so loud.

I am loud.

I am so loud.

Just turned around.

I never ought to turn around.




Sometimes you take too stupid decisions.

Realize them way too late.

You suffered all these years for no reason.

You did not turn around.

You took a stupid decision.

One days your steps are heavy.

You do not have much more than the heavy steps.

The path is coming to an end, the circle is bound.

The fire is lit.

People are there to celebrate.

All my dreams.

Everything I ever wanted I actually found.

Anything I wanted to do I did.

I reached the point.

The meaning of life.

Can anything ever be more than it has?

Redeem my faith.

It is oh, so hard.

Do not know how to start.

So many tears.

So much darkness.

The one in my heart.

It felt just like this.

Just the pain aged and got more complex.

I do not know where to go.

I do not know how to start.

Coming from out of nowhere.

No intentions to break my heart.

Feels like I am just nothing.

The strikes. I miss.

Once again, alone in painful sorrows.

Sometimes is hard to shine when the diamond inside you have no more lights, no more powers and no more value.

So far away but there is no distance. It is probably just too late.


When I list my albums of the year it is mandatory to totally forget one of the top ones.

So it happened again and now it is too late to change… so I will recommend it, then.


HELSTAR “Vampiro”

I saw and ad of their euro tour listing STOCKHOLM MARCH 1 TBA, I hope them tickets are released soon. Last time I saw them were in Eindhoven in 2009 or 2010.