sometimes I swim just away because in the water I feel as part of somewhere else where I do not need to avoid because there is nothing to avoid


the beauty and the true is the hardest thing to reach and the easiest thing to crash and give up. my life is nothing but a 40 year loveless regret. when my time has come to burn in my hell this black flame will blind all wrath and show off as the darkest eternal flame any can ever imagine beyond our human visions and wisdom. this soul of tortured will now damnate himself into his nightmares beyond your thoughts and dirty secrets.

there is not much more to this term, I’ll soon face an exam. a conclusion or a future of my past. mysticism floods.  then I can not be aware. like I can just face that dawn when it hits me. see how hard it hits me. if I crash a subjects ends if it hits I am condemned to my damnation. to finalize my up and coming with love of suffer. this is todays call until today fades and becomes a past just like the rest of the days I lived…

the release party went more than well. over 60 ppl attended and we saw legends such as Roberto from Mefisto, Linus from IXXI, Messiah Marcolin and many other familiar faces in the crowd.


don´t forget you can order the book still just press the shop button and there will be a link to my band site where there is a merch section with book featured ship world wide

here are two video shots from two of the numbers presented at the release party, first one with me and young piano hero Zacharias performing the opening of the book with special music written for the book performances by the books artist Lilith Grimmefrost, all cred and honor goes to her who could not appear at the release party

the second shot is me and fredrik dingvall of bloodofjupiter performing one of our songs “storm past torture” in a café-version, this song contains many different lyrical parts from the book there were more parts that certain night and we got provided with a special barrel aged imperial stout with an abv of 14.5% which I named “CTHULU” for this special night by a huge thank you to DEBASER STOCKHOLM for letting us be there and to everyone whom attended this event