Ode to Peter Perret

Just down one of my fave boozers. Bought two vinyls across the street, the new Napalm Death compilation and the solo album from last year by the more than fantastic Peter Perret.

I met Peter Perret a few times in person via his sons, and also brought The Only Ones to Stockholm, think that’s the only time they played here but with some help from his sons and his booking company I brought them here for a fantastic gig.

They were 6 songs over their planned setlist when I and their tourmanager had to close the show so they could manage the show the day after.

A fantastic musician and a super human and he is luckily surrounded by a tremendous family, and I am more than proud to have them all in my connections since his som Jamie contacted me some 12-13 years ago. I’m honoured to have the pleasure to cross paths with all of the Perrets.

Peter Perret, I salute you!



It is time for the annual spring cleaning. This time I do focus on the most common social medias. Taking a break, at least, from them mainly because the loudness of people and their opinions and rules I do not agree with. I am a bit sick of being noted from people with hidden agendas and extreme opinions. No matter what direction you’ll go. I am so far away from there. Unfortunately, too many people connected to my social medias are not. So I leave you all behind for now.

So if you miss me somewhere, well, I might not come back. I might come back. It might take a week, it might take a year, maybe it will not happen at all. Time shall tell.

I got better things to concentrate my short time on earth with that stupidity I am, or will never be, any part of.

I’ll focus on poetry, music and gastronomy. I’ll stay here in my thunderdoom society. So far away from you.

Local Hero

One of the suburban local news papers paid attention to my up and coming spoken word performance at Kafé Ingenstans in Stureby next Wednesday, March the 28th. If you roll over, we start strictly at 7pm as Obituary plays a gig in this town that night that we are attending.

The article is here (fire up google translate and have a enormous laugh about the hair dryer):


As long as it feels good this will be the only social media where you will meet me for a while, besides I might send in a  tweet or two.

So all news and info will come from here for a while. I must dislocate some stress over the easter to start with. No more, no less.

It is no political attack on Facebook after the Trump-heddo, it´s just me.

In case some did not see, I´ve deconstructed my a few of my social media meeting points a bit during this spring. I will open up Facebook every now and then as I need to fish some contact details etc.

The heck, if you really want to rub my ass for whatsoever reason, you will find me.





The heck… Killjoy of Necrophagia left without letting me see him perform live. I tried a few times but they always cancelled, thank you for the music and the films that I consumed for over thirty years by now… A great inspiration for the not so smart cannibalistic lyrics I wrote when I was barely a teenager int he 1980s. Good nobody ever really got to hear or worse, even read those words. Quoting myself, I was too young to face the difference between writing cool lyrics, like Killjoy, or just write very stupid lyrics dropping words from the films I saw and the other records I listened too. Parents should not let 13-year-olds write horror lyrics for death metal songs. Just my words on that subject and now we never need to talk about this again.

Cancellations overload

Good to see I am not the only one cancelling… I planned two trips lately, the first to Netherlands DeathFest mainly to see Root and Sadistic Intent, both cancelled due to extreme weather conditions stopped their transports. This wkd I planned to go to Manchester to see Venom Inc, they play but with no Abbadon behind the kit as he is expecting his child to be born any of these days. I am not bitching here, but Venom Inc with no Abbadon is not really the same thing to me.

Why do I cancel? Well I walk around with a ultra slow healing fractured shoulder since the day before New Years. So it is not exceptional to fly around Europe during these conditions. I canceled all planned trips but one since October last year by now be two trips to festivals in Holland, two trips to the U.K. and one trip to Italia. All according to my health issues. Maybe life tells me to slow down? The heck do I know