A clincing piano. Awful noise. Throb of pain. It’s like I get stabbed when I slumber. Night after night. Year after year.

Destiny just decided things I do believe.

I turn around. Walk towards my own thoughts and beliefs. Most likely I do have to. My torch can not start the fire when it is only me whom can feel the heat.

It is like everytime I cry. I cry for what I did never do. Not for what I’ve done. I’ve learned so much from dying inside time after time. I just do not know how to practice my knowledge upon myself.

There is so much beyond. All them unhunted treasures. Viewed it yesterday I did? Or is it just one of the lumpy tricks, trying to fool me?

Let me first get what I want. If I do want it all. Maybe I do not know no more.

I just did hit the lights and fell off.

Emotional emaciated, maybe more than ever. I do not know what is wrong. What if everything is wrong? Need to calm down and dissappear. Lay a part of my life behind.

So much in front of me. Not looking that forward so much these days.

I do not know what I left behind and where. I just know that it is something put aside somewhere. I do not know if I do need to pick it up again or if it should be left in that corner, wherever it may be. I do mot know if time will tell me.

I found something new. Something that can brew. If my feets walks the path. That certain path.

I’ll stay indifferent until proven wrong.

There will might be a day when I do again play that song.

Lying in a bed at hospital awaiting surgery for the fracture in my shoulder. Unfortunately the clash of dates do mean that I miss the Master Class Tasting with Glen Farclas at Akkurat Whisky Club tonight.

Nothing to do.

Secondwise I try to figure out best way to go home from here this afternoon.

See what will become out of all of this. In best case I soon play guitar again.