Aye, according to some I write and reveal too much about myself. Well got nothing to hide or be ashamed off… sometimes I work hard, sometimes I fvkk up.

Like most ppl. Life. Just a lonely man not giving a fvkk. Just enjoy and work hard, sort of

time to sail away

time to let you through, beyond the gates again… the last episode of my life ended in a destructive drunkness (yes, if you are like me you sort of do that on an annual basis, you just get drunk, crash yourself and do stupid unexplainable things like sending texts to semi-unknown people that you do not understand yourself etc and wake up at strange places like fully dressed with jacket, shoes, everything in your couch). nevermind. a new dawn had risen when I woke up the morning after and as always, I face my behaviour and move forward (and not hopefully forward to termination*, yet)


upfront there is a massive February approaching… so not to burn out I might not be as social as some of you are used to, now it is a month and a half of workaholism. two books to be more finished than they are now, a new recording with the band and a whole new set to be played by bloodofjupiter at Bar Brooklyn on February 22nd and a few DJ-gigs, beer tastings (yes, in the middle of everything I do start a new, nerdy social beer club for certain individuals with monthly meetings and tastings), etc beside my full-time job in the wine industry.

so just a shout out, do not miss me as I am just going to be busy.


more up and coming DJ-dates and or other official dates will be added on a weekly basis in the dates section.


*”Forward To Termination” is the name of the Canadian band Sacrifice 2nd album, which I am very fond of. So I just took the opportunity to bake it in into my context.

My love is all materialistic for now.

Get´s me in motion.

It makes me work.

Full of confidence.

Full of power.

Full of energy.

The battery is loaded.

Because behind all my stuff.

At some point.

I am standing there alone.

Just waiting in the night for you.



In the book making, again…

I do not actually think that too many souls really do care, but, I am about to finish my second poetry collection. This one is heavy, all material was written post-2016 and in Swedish, too. So I am excited to see what I can do. I have no artist this time. Because of many reasons. First, I want to offer it to Lilith, but she is not so interested to speak as it seems. I would like to see how she can interpret my lyrics in Swedish ash she did with my poems and expressions in English. Secondly, I do have another person I am curious about what she can come up with. Just maybe not for this book. Then I rather leave it unpictured at this point. The second point might be able to do it for the second part of the trilogy, as I decided that all three in the trilogy should be pictured and illustrated at some point.


Well, I differ some day to day in my decisions but this is my latest thoughts and my most common thoughts over the last year or so.

Adventure called. The nature called. So I took their call and went out in the middle of the deep woods last summer on the dark side of Lake Siljan where few people yet until this day found. So enjoying food,wine& the mighty dark Forrest. I managed to see a few elks but to capture them on a picture.