Ornament of the Ominous Demoniac – the coagulated blood of David

Collective writings, song lyrics, expressions and poetry by David interpreted in paintings and illustrations in various techniques by the talented Lilith Grimmefrost.

It is a strictly Limited edition hardcover book in English with specially selected papers that will lift the art and the experience. It comes in 325 copies in this edition.
The book is a continuation of the chaotic art form we know musically as death metal.

The book’s designer has been no less than the well-recognized Carl Abrahamsson known from Trapart Books, Cotton Ferox etc to mention a few. It contains no handling and I do not require anyone to understand it at all. It is a separate production beyond all industry and a further, chaos-based, misanthropic, unrestrained rage against most things there ever was. A  release by David himself with all the required help from the phenomenal Trapart Books in this edition.

A deep, fictional escape from reality

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in the lower video the artist Lilith Grimmefrost plays the piano, she also wrote the music in both of the clips for these performances