The Isberg-Chronicles – the best of 2020

So I released the record “Eternal Damnation” under the monicker bloodofjupiter. At the time we were a band and here is the complete story behind this album from my point of view.

Pic by Jonas Husbom

First, I am very proud of this record and how it came through and I do not wish we did it in another way. No, this is what it was. This is what it is. This is what it forever will be.


It was during the Taste of Stockholm Festival for food and wine located in Kungsträdgården in the very center of the city I did meet some people from the wine house of Piccini, Tuscany.

I was in company with a few members of the band Opeth. It is a band I created and was a part of thirty years ago, today. After my departure from the band, we remained friends and I always buy their records and pop in into their gigs and so on. So in this case, I had a product manager from the company that imported the wines from Piccini, he was a good friend and knew I was a specialist as a profession in northern Italian wines in general and Tuscany in particular and also very involved in the metal scene playing with my own project somn and had a past in several bands. So, he asked me if I thought Opeth were interested to release a wine of their own brand on the market. 2010 most bands had still not yet add alcoholic beverages to their merchandise.

That is why we were there, to start with. There were two represents from the winery, a female from the export market and a guy who was a winemaker. They were both fans of Opeth and would be more than happy to produce this wine.

The wine did never happen in the end. The band was entering a very long tour shortly after and things were blowing away in the wind.

Anyhow, through this discussion and tasting of wine with the wine house and the members of Opeth, we spoke a lot about one of my favorite grapes, the Sangiovese. The name means the blood of Jupiter in Italian and through that, I decided to re-make somn and name it bloodofjupiter, in one word.

Just it did not happen until almost exactly one year after this band rehearsed for the first time and played a song from the band somn that I & Adam Skogvards wrote and arranged in 2007. That song is called “Archangel Polymorphess in Blue” and is of course the first song on the record.

That song traveled a long way by now and the re-scale and arrangements used on the record were done by me and past member Rolph Ericsson in 2013. It is way different from the original version in the way that I slowed it down firmly and removed all the extras so it is simplified. There is actually a demo-version of an old line-up with the previously named Rolph on guitar, Dipa on bass, and Ronnie Bergerståhl on drums circulating somewhere on the webs.

It also had a last journey in the sudio when Robert added the dark bells upon it without our knowledge. We did first find out when listening to the mixes of the album.

The lyrics from the song are also the first text from my book featuring lyrics, poems, and collective writing from my book “Ornament if the ominous demoniac – the coagulated blood if David”. It just handles the powers of a glory ride through the winescapes.

Coming back to my lyrics, I later discovered that I more or less accidentally often uses a technique named after me that was revealed to the public by no one less than Ernest Hemmingway named The Iceberg Theory. I stole this little example to explain it from Wikipedia:

“If a writer of prose knows enough of what he is writing about he may omit things that he knows and the reader if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the writer had stated them. The dignity of movement of an ice-berg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water. A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing.”

You can see that later down in the featured lyrics for the title song or as some of you might´ve read my book and saw things inside the book.

The next song up, “232 -Esoteric terror”, came from the start of a jam. I tried to have the bass player at the time and also the guy who plays on the record, Fredrik Dingvall, to play a melody I had in my mind. He just grooved it up and then came the drummer and slapped on so it turned out into something else.

Ir really breathes heaviness and fear, jumping its way through and over and struggle to balance the intensity despite a mid-tempo. Yes, we can be complex in our deeds though it sounds like pretty much easy stuff.

The lyrics handle morbid visions of fire and desolations through number magic that goes completely out of hand.

Dangerous stuff, I can tell.

People knowing me closer knows that I am restless like hell and have traces of a series of letter-combinations starting with the A & D.

So walking around in the studio when nothing happened, mean the other dudes were tuning something or our engineer/co-producer Robert Pehrsson had to listen to something recently recorded.

We recorded all the musical grounds live with me directing the musicians.

Robert Pehrsson was a great choice for this session. We went to his Studio Humbucker, south of south-central Stockholm. He had Stipen from Merciless coming there the day before tuning the drums for us. He is a very simple person and with a long time background in the Death Metal-scene playing with several bands since the early nineties, he definitely knew exactly what to do with us.

One day I would like yo work with him again.

Back to be restless, I started to create a new piece of music. Also Linus “Commander” Öhrn, the guitar player had a riff so, on the final day in the studio after the lunch break the two of us merged them together into one song whilst the others were having a piss. I quickly arranged the drums and 18 minutes later after the second take, it was recorded, settled, and done.

I do have many lyrics written and laying around but this was an easy pick. I could hear on the guitar intro that this song was called “Bleeding”. The lyrics are handling the subject of internal bleedings. Turning the angst and wrath inside of you to the joy of torment.

It is an interesting part of the tragedy as we´ve heard it happen too many times. Other persons considering themselves as normal would say that the person would go nuts.

It is the thing, working the songs and then try to order them up for a full record and do them in the right order. I am not more than old school in mylearning. So I started the record with a typical opener that gives the listener hunger for more and then pop down the two singles, straight. Finishing side A with a banger and then do the more complex and interesting stuff on side B. Most of the fluffy listeners who mostly bought singles back in the days will never ever go as far as side, anyhow.

So I saved the tracgic and magic and gave the flops and the pops. No more, no less. Tell me I am wrong, cool, but there will be no other order working with this material as your brain must be open minded for the full 53 minutes and be ready to accept more of this brutalism.

Coming back to my first meeting with extreme metal further than Motörhead we have to move back until the year 1985 and Kynäsvägen in Huddinge, a suburb 12 km south of the Stockholm city center.

A few hundred meters down the street of Kynäsvägen lived a guy obsessed with heavy metal. Five years older than me and listened to the name of Peter Olsson. He introduced to the likes of Mercyful Fate, Voivod, Nuclear Assault, and Venom 1985-86. I walked over to his house every now and then to hear the most glorious music around. Not too sure what he and his older brother (I do believe or was it a friend?) thought about it, really, as I was just such a small boy and in the teenage, as they wore, it can be very sensitive if someone finds out. I am however grateful for this and I will never forget it.

Anyhow, this day he played the recently released lp by a band called Slayer, called “Hell Awaits” and the other bloke, Anders Mellberg, living in my blocks providing me copies of bootleg cassettes by Dio, Iron Maiden & Ozzy were directly forgotten. I had a new local hero.

So “Hell Awaits” is a very special soundtrack to my life. Might be heard here and there onto this record. He soon played me some adorable music by Venom, too. I liked it but did not jump on that wagon until later. That is another story containing a VHS-release.

Anyhow, I heard Fredrik our bass player play a riff in the rehearsal room and I had Peter begin to drum upon it but held him back so we did not lose any power or heaviness. I thought we found the natural continuation of Slayer’s title song.

A couple of weeks later in the year 2018, Linus came back from a few weeks up north where he comes from way above the arctic circle. He came into the rehearsal room and we tried to wake up the song again, he listened and told us to hold on as he had some changes to it. He played a few versions of the riffs evaluating a lot for each new take and half an hour later we were there.

He started the riff, Peter played disco drums, and then we transferred into I do not know what. Intense chaos that turned out to be the fourth song on the record “Abstract Unobtainium” where the main being/character in the lyrics does certain tricks to wake up Cthulu with Unobtainium to end this world as we know it, as mankind.

A most spectacular order of chaos and for a few a very unsuspected turn on the record. The first three songs are holding on to the obscure heaviness of doom. This is as close as a end part of midtempo Death. A cluster filled with old school elements.

So far many stages of imagination leading us to the bitter end, no matter what.

I can not for my life remember how this started. One day it was just there. A song that fits the modern dark death & doom & influences me from the nineties and forwards outside the epic doom or classic death.

Just instant low-tempo brutality. The lyrics for the title song “Eternal Damnation” go through lots of different efforts and may be interpreted in just your own way. Another kingdom of paths towards the end and it goes like this:

” Scraped of the ground

Like a rotten dead something

The power plant

Like nutrition scholarship of uranium

Drafted smell of coming explosions

Like the dream you never dreamt

Separating minds

Like cleaved in the middle

The spirit of the outer sphere

What they call lightyears away

And parralell dimensions

Eternal storms of damnation

I’ll face my end

Everytime I wander there

I’ll face my end

Into the cold dark sphere

Where there is a end

You will know

What exactly that all was

And were exactly that will come

Beyond the stages of sense

In any mind “

In the next episode, we do see the world fall down through spectacles such as domination, frustration, group sex, longing & the entering of the portal of eternal darkness filled with cynism, fear, and reservations towards others. It is more or less partly a biography from different corners of my own life down the bottom of society.

It is a tribute to all the souls giving them selves away to total darkness.

The riffs for the song were nicked by Fredrik from another band of his that did not intend to use it and it turned out to be a hypnotic and dissonant doom ballad named “Hommage des Ténèbres” lasting for nearly fourteen minutes.

It is just the wrath we had inside us that pumped out this genetic, autistic & semi-epic doom.

I will let the song speak more for itself and let you use your imagination listening to it.

In late 2016, when half the band left their duties and Fredrik Dingvall jumped in on bass, we had files coming and going with different riffs and epos. Dipa switched from bass to guitar but later needed to leave soon after as he had family issues in his home country. A few of them featured were taken up and ended me re-write some lyrics from the book, which were not published but in the final works before getting printed back then. I merged a few things into a story of fear, vicinity, witchery, and overwhelming obscure vigor. Another dissonant hypnosis was born and this is a typical opener or closer of either a show.

Unfortunately for some reasons Fredrik ended his role in the band already in April 2020.

I decided to flicker out the lights from the burning fire of this recording here. A whiplashing intensity upon complex heaviness building a strong wall of brutal doom and it almost creeps beneath your skin and goes through your vein and plant the uncertainty and fear deep inside of you. The guitar forms a spin of different techniques unusual in this kind of use and proposal.

It is a storm past torture, the trespassing of eternal damnation…

Now as these days are by. I am working on new material. there are plenty. One to be heard in the release of the single “Platonic considerations from the shores of Kataja 1538”. Originally planned to be upon a three songs ep. The recording of the ep got canceled as someone suddenly decided he did not have time for this band for a long period. Looking at it by now, I am not sure about the two other songs. Not that the songs are bad nowhere, no, it is that we could not play them properly together and the three of us at the time, me, Peter & Linus with a session bass player named Jonathan were not the people to do these songs together.

We did them live and I have plenty of recordings from the rehearsal room and we did not give these two songs enough dedication to shaping them well. I will not go into details or try to blame something. It was just the way it was. I am not sure if we stressed to up to do the studio takes for them would do the songs any justice at all.

So, on October the 10th we played at Plan B in Malmoe for a full house with all the corona-restricted seats sold, it was sort of magnificent to stand upon the stage and to see people sit by the tables and headbang.

So deciding to cancel the planned “Storms of Chaos”-ep, I had a recording from that certain gig in Malmoe which I really like.

 It really captures the atmosphere of this era of bloodofjupiter and I decided to release it by November 11th digitally to end this chapter and move on further with this band.

Others moved themselves away from this band, forcing me to work more and harder than ever.

I am now sitting in darkness with new works in progress for 2021 and who will appear in the end to do it with me, only time will tell. Or maybe just the interwebs should not be in the know already by now.

This record and it´s travel from the recording starting the 1st of February until the digital release on October the 31st has been fantastic.

For the few of you who actually do buy things, yes I have plans to release it physically by myself if someone is not quick enough to deal it up with me.

New elemnts will one day shine and leave deep scars inside of you, torturing your mind with some trve #deathdoomedrocknfvkkinbaroloofmetal.

Damage done in 2020:

February: recording of the album, headlining Debaser with support from Python

April: vocals recording for the album

July: digital release of the single “Bleeding”.

August: announcement for gig at Eindhoven Metal Meeting pre-partty with Grand Supreme Blood Court, Nailed To Obscurity & Distillator in december (canceled due to Covid)

September: a sold-out gig at Fredagsmangel in Jakobsberg, based on the later canceled “Storms of Chaos”-ep sitting audience and Covid-19 restrictions, an announcement for Järfälla Metal fest 2021 along Svederna, Dreadful Fate & Firespawn amongst others.

October: a sold-out gig in Malmoe in the south of Sweden along Siniestro sitting audience and covid-19 restrictions, the release of the single “232 – Esoteric terror”, the release of the album “Eternal Damnation” o October 31st.

November: digital release of the live single “Platonic Consideration from the Shores of Kataja 1538”, a post record written song.

December: canceled shows in Eindhoven and Stockholm due to the intensity of the pandemics.

Looking forward to providing you with more material from bloodofjupiter in the futuristic chaos of the year 2021.

It is yet more obvious than ever these days of the pandemics. The world is more interested in gossip than quality. Looking at all the music be released, just as an example, or films. The ones with participators having a reputation can be behind whatsoever crap. It will still be talked and written about whilst more deep and quality forced episodes are just passed by and ignored.

The hype is stronger than ever and that is one out of many reasons why I am very reserved towards other persons. They are afraid of what they like themselves if not the “right” people say it is right, then they agree it is good even if they think it is bad and the other way around.

In a world full of negativity people stream up in the floods of bullshit. Like they gave up using their own intellect.

Just one out of many thoughts of what I do see where I do look and one of several reasons why I do hide from the.

Pandemics or not, I still act the same.

I dream of waffles and cloudberries…

There been quite a few platonic considerations, lately.

Well, I moved houses in the end and a new era is progressing. Spent most time outside of the office in my new home or in the direct nearby area. There are a lot of things to see and discover out where it is located.

So, a quick on my new local area and all my devastating luxury problems…

Good things:

A slight 666m walk to the local commuter train taking me to the center of the city in just a short while.

The nearest boozer is quite a decent one serving prominent wine & local handcrafted beers. Food not tried yet, though.Loads of wide open and wild nature located within minutes from the house.

There are small, picturesque lakes located every here and there in walking distance from the house, building up the wild nature experience even further by showing another side of nature.

I am very anonymous and just know a very few persons in the area and I am most likely not known by more than them as in artist, DJ, author, lyricist sommelier. I will most likely be identified as another random nobody-dude by the locals.

As always where I live, one central shopping area is just a few minutes away.

Less good things:

The night traffic from Stockholm City does exist, but it takes forever and taxis would cost about or even more than double than before.

There are three better shopping areas in the area, they are all further away and not so walkable if you got newly shopped items to carry.

The nearest Pizzerias tried are not as good as the good one that is a longer walk away.

There are many pubs/boozers in the area, I only find two of them decent enough to drink at, but they cost more money, even more than my water holes in the city center.

There is more visible crimes and seem to be more suspect people in the area than what I am used to. You know the ones that will not löeave you alone, despite you try to walk away from them. I always wear my headphones and pretend not to hear them. Whatever they “need to ask for” it is not for any good for you. They will try to cheat or steal something from you or in worse cases, harm you with violent or sexual assaults.

The next big Q would be X-Box X or PS5? Not able to buy any yet, but need to consider which one to go with. There is a very long estimated time for delivery for PS5 whilst the X-Box seems to be available again, soon. A major failure of the allocation for PS5 for Sweden. Of course, I can always check the possibilities to order a console from abroad, which I might do.

Into the everlasting darkness of December, I go…

Waffles & Cloudberries will be next.


Not that many paid attention as people were busy complaining how no Halloween-parties were on, etc.

So, the record came out gently and you can stream/download it from here.

Myself, I had a release ceremony for some lost souls in a medieval basement in the Old Town of Stockholm.

Proud of the record and I boosted loads of energy to work on future material, unforty, I broke my left shoulder a few years ago and it ended up so bad so it isn’t mended and most likely never ever will. So I can not really play guitar anymore, which slows down the process. Anyhow, moving houses now and will build up a minor home studio and see what we can get out of it demo-wise for ca New Years’.

Shit is shit and life is nothing but a disappointment, so I do stuff that at least will make myself happy by the end if the day.

Now float into the magic darkness of November and see what sort of powers will swell up with the frantic full moon by the end of this month…

Autumnal Ceremony

Believe me, this got nothing to do with the up and coming Halloween weekend, no.It is just that every autumn about this time I feel so comfortable. The weather is perfect, it is often grey and dull and the temperatures around +10 Celcius mixed with light rain suits me very well and the days are getting shorter but you can still see some daylight before we are passed down into darkness.

I´ve been privileged to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with a very close person this time of this difficult year and I hope it will go on like that. I am also moving houses and going through many other exciting experiences right now. So this is once again my favorite time of the year.

As some saw, I made some cleaning on several social platforms and I do have my reasons. It is not a personal thing. A man just needs to do what a man needs to do sometimes. I know, I am disappointing to some, life is mostly a disappointment, so just walk on and leave it all behind, will you. Nothing will ever come in your favor because you try to solve something you will never ever understand.

I should know, I am sort of into that thing myself at the moment. Just that I at least do have a few slight ideas of what is actually going on. My largest problem is that is how I do sort my self out of it without letting myself down. That is what I had to figure out and if I do not walk the right path at this very moment, I know another one to walk.

Therefore I am, therefore I do act.

So, sometime soon I will celebrate the fall with a great ceremony, hopefully, along with a person, I do care for or otherwise just by myself.

The disappointments from others been far too many this year and I will not include more people than the ones included at this point, as I do not see it would give me nothing but stress and fury as people seem not to live up to their standards, duties, and promises given.

Never ever take anything for granted, not too many things in life lasts longer than you.

Controlling the puzzle…

My band, bloodofjupiter, will release it´s first album this Saturday. The album is called “Eternal Damnation” and contains 7 songs lasting around a complete hour.

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances disturbing the forces of the release ceremonies, so times are not what they should be, but nevermind small people…

What got me here is more of an interesting story, so I will name a few records that kept me on this path upon my contribution to this record. Just in short: This album was mainly recorded in early February 2020 at Studio Humbucker, south of south-central Stockholm. Our engineer, & co-producer with the band Robert Pehrson, also mixed and mastered this entity. The vocals were done in like 2 hours in early April, so pretty much is pretty live onto this one. It will be self-released just digital to start with and you can find all our recordings here and stream/download them from your common platform.

Doom Metal is a special chapter of my life and a record that I always been listening to since it releases in 1991 is the epic debut alum by the Texas outfit Solitude Aeturnus. The epic heaviness and melodies along Robert Lowe´s vocals are majestic. A true classic of its time and very underestimated as I rarely see it listed among classic doom albums. So, I do believe it passed to many should without being heard, so now it is time for you to give ut a try…

There is a local band here in Stockholm, Sweden. I always looked up to them as some sort of supreme humans and the general band had such a stable line-up despite changing singers. Just in the mid/late nineties, the band was on some sort of hiatus but Leif could not stop writing music. I do believe the story here is that he actually was about to awake his old monicker Abstrakt Algebra for these releases, but due to commercial failure, the record company forced him to release it as Candlemass albums. This one sounds really Candlemass to me and is one of my favorite albums by the band. It proves that you can find the correct dimensions and sounds, despite who is doing what in the band, and that any member will never be interchangeable, excluding the driving force and the machine behind the band. In this case Leif Edling and for our sake that would be me. The second album with this constellation is my masterpiece and you should enjoy it as well.

I can talk about Death Metal for hours and very many different records. One person very close to me defines Death Metal as dull and boring, and that is because what that person refers to like Death Metal is the typical Stockholm or classical American sound with bands not bringing any finesse to the soundscape and the music. I can agree that the scene is flooding with this kind of band, that is true. But Death Metal is so much more. It took many spectral and sides and here is an album from the breakthrough between the old school, where I come from, and the newer school of dimension and sounds. I think it pretty much got a lot of desperate wounds inside its soul and why it is kept so total in uniting all sort of different fragments from the Death Metal-scene over the years. The greatest treasure of Rhode Island must be the debut album by Vital Remains, judge for yourself and save your prayers:

Speaking about Scandinavian Death Metal it often ends up with Norwegian bands turning into Black Metal or Swedish bands playing or not playing Stockholm Style Death Metal. What we usually forget about is the bands from the other countries and a few years back this outfit from Sønderborg in Denmark formed in 1991 gave us the following masterpiece:

I could go for the genre after genre and band by the band for this but I decided to keep up some of the ones that I do listen to most today, and I do stay in the Nordic Countries but I do move myself a bit west to the volcanic island Iceland. This very small country goit a great culture and history of bands since the 1960s playing heavy, psychedelic, and or progressive rock. No wonder that the heritage survived all the way to these days after such great bands as Manar, Icecross, Trúbrot, Pelican, Svanfridur & Odmenn. The scene of heavy rock from different genres are enormous due to the fact the island brings a population of ca 365.000 ppl only, my favorite album of the modern Icelandic rock culture must be this one, that opened so many eyes for me…

So there you go with five very special albums, special to me and many others, influential to my musical and lyrical content and ingredients to believing and keeping moving on.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Take nothing for granted, spin our record this Halloween and don´t take any shit.

Wry shades infernal fades

Dry wraps of fire

Intense sort of desire

A jacket all black

A narrow thought attacked

Walk on into the light

Forever be mine and warm up the night

The fire might be dry

Still, it can neither flicker nor burn out

I used to say

Still will do

I´ll wait for you and that day

I know it will one day become true




So many things I want to be undone

They are forever

As they did happen

Nothing will be forgotten

Nothing will be undone

Nothing will be unsung

As there was always something that heard or saw

Whatever you did say or do

It can never be unwritten

It can never be undone

It can never unite us

Will we ever again be as one?



Talked to the eve and whipered to the night. Dethroned some dreams as others were dreamt.

Never gave that up, the one I spoke about before. 8 years ago I started to dream. 8 years ago.

All that is past and still do remain from my deepest innards does it claim. Hope, fear, tragedy and maybe a shallow tear.

Take it with you and walk it in into the future. It is just natural, naked and what’s needed.

It is just what I spoke about that day, eight years ago. Eight years.