Summer holidays over, yeah, that week was a quickie BUT I managed to visit places, travel some, see Iggy Pop, drink tremendois amounts of beer, spend more money than expected and ya, you know the drill… As being alone there is no meaning of taking long holidays, but next summer I aim to stay for a bit more than 37 hours at my family’s summer house. I can have longer stays over the weekends if the train times match job etc

So immediately I went back to have a AW at this Irish bar in the dirtiest part of Stockholms old town. I’m so blunted after all them years fighting injuries and handicaps and at the same time been the loneliest person you’ve heard of, so I even do become grumpy towards myself lately.


Chasing the summer down… despite no good message from the orthopaedists I will stand up and fight… so much left to do. Recordings will be finalized in the mix on Sunday… Iggy will be warched next week and so on

did just go through pictures from a journey many years ago… I looked like sh*t them days but darn, I got laid frequently haha. anyhow got a bit sentimental and went through a transcendental journey through the memory lane. it almost all became real again. all the memories of all moments came back and were present. jolly good times with excellent music & company.