Wry shades infernal fades

Dry wraps of fire

Intense sort of desire

A jacket all black

A narrow thought attacked

Walk on into the light

Forever be mine and warm up the night

The fire might be dry

Still, it can neither flicker nor burn out

I used to say

Still will do

I´ll wait for you and that day

I know it will one day become true




So many things I want to be undone

They are forever

As they did happen

Nothing will be forgotten

Nothing will be undone

Nothing will be unsung

As there was always something that heard or saw

Whatever you did say or do

It can never be unwritten

It can never be undone

It can never unite us

Will we ever again be as one?



Talked to the eve and whipered to the night. Dethroned some dreams as others were dreamt.

Never gave that up, the one I spoke about before. 8 years ago I started to dream. 8 years ago.

All that is past and still do remain from my deepest innards does it claim. Hope, fear, tragedy and maybe a shallow tear.

Take it with you and walk it in into the future. It is just natural, naked and what’s needed.

It is just what I spoke about that day, eight years ago. Eight years.

Sounds I hear. There are sounds everywhere. I can not escape the sounds. I can just fly my wounds.

So many questions. I do feel it though. That partically this future may be rough. Like my life has ever been. Apparently the world gives me torment. I most likely deserve no silence, calm or joy.

Deep down under the water or in what I now have drown. I still make all decisions for my own.

A few things I can never invoke or control. It is the traces of my wounded souls fate. Just like this world gives me more & more hate.

The end of another day approaches. Opened up in darkness, brings me to sleep in a dark eternity.

adequate solutions to tomorrow’s riddles I escape reality and in my innermost being I enter ginns most for me and so take me less consideration I still get for others give way as tonight’s ceremonies take effect where the sea gold will saturate us and with intoxication in our drink our thirst get plain … than an evening of existence in the roar enters my life