I dream of waffles and cloudberries…

There been quite a few platonic considerations, lately. Well, I moved houses in the end and a new era is progressing. Spent most time outside of the office in my new home or in the direct nearby area. There are a lot of things to see and discover out where it is located.

So, a quick on my new local area and all my devastating luxury problems…

Good things:

A slight 666m walk to the local commuter train taking me to the centre of the city in just a short while.

Nearest boozer is quite a decent one serving prominent wine & local handcrafted beers. Food not tried yet, though.

Loads of wide open and wild nature located within minutes from the house.

There are small, pittoresque lakes located every here and there in a walking distance from the house, building up the wild nature experience even further with showing another ide of nature.

I am very anonymous and just know a very few persons in the area and I am most likely not known by more than them as in artist, DJ, author, lyricist sommelier. I will most likely be identified as another random nobody-dude by the locals.

As always where I live, one central shopping area is just a few minutes away.

Less good things:

The night traffic from the Stockholm City do exist, but it takes forever and taxis would cost in about or even more than double than before.

There are three better shopping areas in the area, they are all further away and not so walkable if you got newly shopped items to carry.

The nearest Pizzerias tried are not as good as the good one that is a longer walk away.

There are many pubs/boozers in the area, I only find two of them decent enough to drink at, but they cost more money, even more than my water holes in the city center.

There is more visuable crimes and seems to be more suspect people in the area than what I am used to. You know the ones that will not löeave you alone, despite you try to walk away from them. I always wears my headphones and pretend not to hear them. What ever they “need to ask for” it is not for any good for you. They will try to cheat or steal something from you or in worser cases, harm you with violent or sexual assaults.

The next big Q would be X-Box X or PS5? Not able to buy any yet, but need to consider which one to go with. There is a very long estiomated time for delivery for PS5 whilst the X-Box seem to be available again, soon. A major failure of the allocation for PS5 for Sweden. Of course, I can always check the possibilities to order a console from abroad, which I might do.

Into the everlasting darkness of December I go… Waffles & Cloudberries will be next.


So, the record came out gently and you can stream/download it from here…

Not that many paid attention as people were busy complaining how no Halloween-parties were on, etc.

Myself, I had a release ceremony for some lost souls in a medieval basement in the Old Town of Stockholm.

Proud of the record and I boosted loads of energy to work on future material, unforty, I broke my left shoulder a few years ago and it ended up so bad so it isn’t mended and most likely never ever will. So I can not really play guitar anymore, which slows down the process. Anyhow, moving houses now and will build up a minor home studio and see what we can get out of it demo-wise for ca New Years.

Shit is shit and life is nothing but a disappointment, so I do stuff that at least will make myself happy by the end if the day.

Now float into the magic darkness of November and see what sort of powers will swell up with the frantical full moon by the end of this month…

Autumnal Ceremony

Believe me, this got nothing to do with the up and coming Halloween weekend, no.It is just that every autumn about this time I feel so comfortable.The weather is perfect, it is often grey and dull and the temperatures around +10 Celcius mixed with light rain suits me very well and the days are getting shorter but you can still see some daylight before we are passed down into darkness.

I´ve been privileged to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with a very close person this time of this difficult year and I hope it will go on like that. I am also moving houses and going through many other exciting experiences right now. So this is once again my favorite time of the year.

As some saw, I made some cleaning on several social platforms and I do have my reasons. It is not a personal thing. A man just needs to do what a man needs to do sometimes. I know, I am disappointing to some, life is mostly a disappointment, so just walk on and leave it all behind, will you. Nothing will ever come in your favor because you try to solve something you will never ever understand.

I should know, I am sort of into that thing myself at the moment. Just that I at least do have a few slight ideas of what is actually going on. My largest problem is that is how I do sort my self out of it without letting myself down. That is what I had to figure out and if I do not walk the right path at this very moment, I know another one to walk.

Therefore I am, therefore I do act.

So, sometime soon I will celebrate the fall with a great ceremony, hopefully, along with a person, I do care for or otherwise just by myself.

The disappointments from others been far too many this year and I will not include more people than the ones included at this point, as I do not see it would give me nothing but stress and fury as people seem not to live up to their standards, duties, and promises given.

Never ever take anything for granted, not too many things in life lasts longer than you.

Controlling the puzzle…

My band, bloodofjupiter, will release it´s first album this Saturday. The album is called “Eternal Damnation” and contains 7 songs lasting around a complete hour.

Unfortunately there are some circumstances disturbing the forces of the release ceremonies, so times are not what they should be, but nevermind small people…

What got me here is more of an interesting story, so I will name a few records that kept me on this path upon my contribution to this record. Just in short: This album were mainly recorded in early February 2020 at Studio Humbucker, south of south central Stockholm. Our engineer, & co-producer with the band Robert Pehrson, also mixed and mastered this entity. The vocals were done in like 2 hours in early April, so pretty much is pretty live onto this one. It will be self released just digital to start with and you can find all our recordings here and stream/download them from your common platform.

Doom Metal is a special chapter of my life and a record that I always been listening to since it release in 1991 is the epic debut alum by the Texas outfit Solitude Aeturnus. The epic heaviness and melodies along Robert Lowe´s vocals are majestic. A true classic of it´s time and very underestimated as I rarely see it listed among classic doom albums. So, I do beliueve it passed to many sould without being heard, so now it is time for you to give ut a try…

There is a local band here in Stockholm, Sweden. I always looked up to them as some sort of supreme humans and the general band had such a stable line-up despite chaning singers. Just in the mid/late nineties, the band were on some sort of hiatus but Leif could not stop writing music. I do believe the story here is that he actually were about to awake his old monicker Abstrakt Algebra for these releases, but due to commercial failure, the record company forced him to release it as Candlemass albums. This one sounds really Candlemass to me and is one of my favorite albums by the band. It proves that you can find te correct dimensions and sounds, despite who is doing what in the band and that any member will never be interchangeable, excluding the driving froce and the machine behind the band. In this case Leif Edling and for our sake that would be me. The second album with this constellation is my masterpiece and you should enjoy it aswell.

I can talk abour Death Metal for hours and very many different records. One person very close to me define Death Metal as dul and boring, and that is because of what that person refers to as Death Metal be the tpical Stockholm or classical American sound with bands not bringinga ny finesse to the soundscape and the music. I can agree that the scene is flooding with this kind of bands, that is true. But Death Metal is so much more. It took many spectras and sides and here is a album from the break through between the old school, where I come from and the newer school of dimension and sounds. I think it pretty much got a lot of desperate wounds inside it´s soul and why it is kept so total in uniting all sort of different fragments from the Death Metal-scene over the years. The greatest treasure of Rhode Island must be the debut album by Vital Remains, judge for yourself and save your prayers:

Speaking about Scandinavian Death Metal it often ends up with Norwegian bands turning into Black Metal or Swedish bands playing or not playing Stockholm Style Death Metal. What we usuallyforget about is the bands from the other countries and a few years back this outfit from Sønderborg in Denmark formed in 1991 gave us the following masterpiece:

I could go for genre after genre and band by band for this but I decided to keep up some of the ones that I do lsiten to most today, and I do stay in te Nordic Countries but I do move myself a bit west to the vulcanic island Iceland. This very small country goit a great culture and history of bands since the 1960s playing heavy, psychedelic and or progressive rock. No wonder that the heritage survived all the way to these days after such great bands as Manar, Icecross, Trúbrot, Pelican, Svanfridur & Odmenn. The scene of heavy rock from different genres are enormous due to the fact the island brings a population of ca 365.000 ppl only, my favorite album of the modern Icelandic rock culture must be this one, that opened so many eyes for me…

So there you go with five very special albums, special to me and many others, influential to my musical and lyrical content and ingredients to believing and keeping moving on.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Take nothing for granted, spin our record this Halloween and don´t take any shit.

Wry shades infernal fades

Dry wraps of fire

Intense sort of desire

A jacket all black

A narrow thought attacked

Walk on into the light

Forever be mine and warm up the night

The fire might be dry

Still, it can neither flicker nor burn out

I used to say

Still will do

I´ll wait for you and that day

I know it will one day become true




So many things I want to be undone

They are forever

As they did happen

Nothing will be forgotten

Nothing will be undone

Nothing will be unsung

As there was always something that heard or saw

Whatever you did say or do

It can never be unwritten

It can never be undone

It can never unite us

Will we ever again be as one?



Talked to the eve and whipered to the night. Dethroned some dreams as others were dreamt.

Never gave that up, the one I spoke about before. 8 years ago I started to dream. 8 years ago.

All that is past and still do remain from my deepest innards does it claim. Hope, fear, tragedy and maybe a shallow tear.

Take it with you and walk it in into the future. It is just natural, naked and what’s needed.

It is just what I spoke about that day, eight years ago. Eight years.