For once the Summer Stolstice appears on Midsummers eve this Friday… myself plan to be locked into a basement and play Pinball, as usual.


new dates

new dates w DJ-sets added…

June the 28th I am honored to guest the new club for extreme metal under the moniker FREDAGSMANGEL

July the 12th I am back at Debaser spinning the wheels of steel in one of the most ever important live venues for independent and underground music in Stockholm that ever existed. On stage that night we all do see the legendary Corrosion of Conformity, a band I discovered in 1985 whilst skateboarding as so many cool skaters were wearing their shirts and caps, I was chasing a record by them and finally I got “Eye For an Eye” on vinyl and “Animosity” taped by a fellow skateboarder. This band had many faces and sounds over the years but I put their eighties with their thrashy, cory crossover as the highest level, despite I do like their last few albums as well. Support comes from Transport League that night. So, as usual, I do DJ before the bands, through the intermission and maybe some after if there is no disco-DJ coming in and takes over (happens some times as there is a long night and maybe most rock people are done after a 5-6hr session and wants to walk further into the night). Tickets and information

did just go through pictures from a journey many years ago… I looked like sh*t them days but darn, I got laid frequently haha. anyhow got a bit sentimental and went through a transcendental journey through the memory lane. it almost all became real again. all the memories of all moments came back and were present. jolly good times with excellent music & company.