I am really excited to watch the film “Scream for me Sarajevo” with Bruce Dickinson tonight.

Due to lack of friends because of Roadburn (yes, my homies still go there despite they can never go back to 2011 & pre-years standards, I´ve been last few years as well and it is still good despite being far from the glory days) it looks like I do have to watch the film all by myself.

I´ll bet NO ONE will text my phone and ask for that spare ticket as most of the suspected guests that could go along with me will not be in this city tonight.

Who gives a F by the end of the day…

Other good news is that Uncle Acid & the deadbeats released tickets for their up and coming European tour today.


Took steps, would recognize them.

They were mine and held me up.

A few things are familiar.

A few of them just clinch.

Afraid to see confusion.

Because I am on the go again.

Just got the news that no less than a super package of Iranian treasure Hassan K, the Canada that is far away from riding police officers, Comet Control and the absolute marvellous yankees in Earthless will pinch down a certain Truckstop outside of central Gothenburg this coming Saturday the 14th of April. I would really go there but I am seeing All Pigs Must Die in Hangaren in Skarpnäck south oft south Stockholm the same night. A great number of shows in this country this time of the year.

I’m back on some self-soul torture all of a sudden. I push myself too hard and do find major failures, that actually do not exist for others, in my behaviour.

So, now I do have to focus and pass this stage or something will go wrong. It already started. I lost a bag of vinyl I bought yesterday. So someone gets Peter Perret and Napalm Death for free. Well, it is a true treasure as both records are really great.

I can buy them again.

Ode to Peter Perret

Just down one of my fave boozers. Bought two vinyls across the street, the new Napalm Death compilation and the solo album from last year by the more than fantastic Peter Perret.

I met Peter Perret a few times in person via his sons, and also brought The Only Ones to Stockholm, think that’s the only time they played here but with some help from his sons and his booking company I brought them here for a fantastic gig.

They were 6 songs over their planned setlist when I and their tourmanager had to close the show so they could manage the show the day after.

A fantastic musician and a super human and he is luckily surrounded by a tremendous family, and I am more than proud to have them all in my connections since his som Jamie contacted me some 12-13 years ago. I’m honoured to have the pleasure to cross paths with all of the Perrets.

Peter Perret, I salute you!