Born 1975 February as David Sebastian Isberg

Living southeast of the Stockholm City area.

I am an educated sommelier since 2009 and still works in the wine and liquid business, have an odd taste in music and do travel quite some.

I am the author, director, dictator, creator and throat man of the deathdoommetal band bloodofjupiter since the year of its establishment the year 2011.

I have a past history in several bands mostly as a vocalist but had instrumental parts as well.

Since 1987 I mostly felt comfortable with genuine death metal and other abnormal tunes often featuring an unclean sound, echoes, and spirals.

I also spend hours with my nose down in books of Photography and for some odd reason, maps.

I am considered complex, accidentally arrogant, depressive, narcissistic and intensive by common people. I actually do consider myself as straight forward, happy and nerdy.

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Fave hangouts in Stockholm:

Akkurat, Debaser, Bananas, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, Zum Fransiskaner, Djuret, Flippergubben, 19Glas and at various concerts mostly with lesser known bands at smaller venues and at random complex wine or beer bars rather than at ordinary night clubs and pubs.

Heroes /Idols /Mentors:

Chuck Schuldiner, Garrett Oliver, Greg Koch, Michael Gira, Wildness Perversion, Peter Sisseck, Dick Samuelsson, Exene Cervenka, KK Warslut, Wino, Linda, John Lee Hooker, Heston Blumenthal, Ben Bridwell, Aitor Ortiz, Antoni Gaudi, Daniel Droste, Steve Harris, H.P. Lovecraft, Wilbur Smith, Nick Cave all for their polymorphic cultural creations & wisdom.

Movies I´ve seen too many tímes: Irreversiblé, The Darjeeling Ltd, The Proposition, Fight Club, Star Wars, Next Movie, Lords of Dogtown, Amytiville, Omen, Salo, Alucarda, Lucifer Rising

Music: Howlin Wolf, Joy Division, Usnea, Neurosis, Happy Mondays, Swans, Godflesh, Weedeater, Sumac, Vomitor, Diiv, Ride, Whores of Tijuana, Cough, THE STONE ROSES,  Motörhead, Deströyer666, Pink Floyd, Saint Vitus, Suede, Portal, My Dying Bride, The Devils Blood, Nick Cave, Venom/VenomInc., Ufomammut, Band of Horses, Liege Lord, Akelei, slowdive,  Merciless, The Afghan Whigs, Sorcerer, Faal, Adorior, Conan , Razor of Occam, John Lee Hooker, Burning Witch, Deep Purple, Nuclear Assault, Johnny Marr, Immolation, Swervedriver, The Telescopes, Iron Maiden, Autopsy, first three Bathory, Melvins, Ahab, Tomas Krome, Voivod, Coven, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Kraftwerk, Quicksand, Mercyful Fate, Hatchet, Heavy Load, Lääz Rockit, Cryptic Slaughter, first two Paradise Lost to name a very few.

Sports: NFL  & Giro di Italia, soccer A.I.K.

Interests: Art, Architecture, Pinball, Gastronomy, Music, Writing

(cultural & nerdy events and subjects in general).


Up and coming:

a recording forecasted to be the debut e.p. for my band bloodofjupiter.

a series of book, the first one written in English released 7-20-2017 “Ornament of the Ominous Demoniac – the coagulated blood of David”. Dark poetry written by me interpreted in illustrations by Lilith Grimmefrost.

see page “book” to figure out something more in this certain subject


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