This is a short update of a northern soul wandering around modern nature looking for unknown pleasures…

Born 23 February as David Isberg

Living outside of the Stockholm City area.

I am an educated sommelier since 2009 and still work in the wine and liquid business, have an odd taste in music, film, and used to travel quite some before the Covid-19.

I am the author, director, creator, and throat man of the Death Doomed Rock n Fvkkin Barolo of Metal-band bloodofjupiter since its establishment in the year 2011 (and as somn and later Braathum in 2007 respectively 2009, but the music were starting there and bloodofjupiter still plays a song from 2007) . I also play with a side alternative project called The Isberg Ascond Mammoth.

I have a past history in several bands mostly as a vocalist but had instrumental parts as well.

Since the old days, I mostly do feel comfortable with genuine death metal and other abnormal tunes often featuring an unclean sound, echoes, dissonance, and spirals.

I spend hours with my nose down in books of mostly monochrome Photography and go walk long distance walks.

I mostly do not like to talk to unknown people and I rarely take the opportunity to get to know new people in person.

Released one book so far, it is selected poetry, lyrics, and expressions from the past (most parts are written in the early 90s). The texts in the book are interpreted by the talented chaotic artist Lilith Grimmefrost by her illustrations.

Heroes /Idols /Mentors:

Charles Michael “Chuck” Schuldiner, Garrett Oliver, Greg Koch, Michael Gira, Wildness Perversion, Peter Sisseck, Dick Samuelsson, Exene Cervenka, Wino,  John Lee Hooker, Heston Blumenthal, Ben Bridwell, Iggy Pop, Aitor Ortiz, Antoni Gaudi,  Steve Harris, H.P. Lovecraft, Wilbur Smith, Chris Reifert, Caller of the Storms, Nick Cave, Tom Warrior, Lydia Lunch all for their polymorphic cultural creations & wisdom.

Hobbies: Art, Architecture, Pinball, Gastronomy, Music, Writing, Science, Lyricism, Magick




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