Back at work tomorrow. Will also be back working on my next book. Not too sure I will release but I decided I will sort of finalize it and then send it to the publisher and leave it up to him.

Will also check if he wants to release a second edition of my first book as the first edition is more or less sold out. Thinking about not selling my last few copies. Just save them for a brighter day or some.

It’s good with releasing things yourself in that way. Mean I remain in charge. The same goes for my music. The record is just released digitally yet. The explanation for that was the booking at Eindhoven Metal Meetings warm-up party. I did concider it could be good to have it out infront of that fest. Of course, the festival got cancelled after everything was sent in settled and done, so no way I could stop it. So I do consider a physical release. Do it really ltd as a first press in like 100 copies on vinyl and or cassette. If someone one day wants to buy a distribution deal for the record from me, then the damage is not that bad as I got two different covers for it and also a record label can be free to re-arrange the order of songs etc

Just thoughts. Maybe nobody wants to release it.

Working on new material and I can reveal that it will be a concept album with the epicentra of the story be witchery and atrophy.

So, let’s start to enjoy 2021, everyone. Do what we must do and maybe do some extras too. Be careful and curious.

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