The Isberg-Chronicles – the best of 2020

You know what? The best with 2020 is that we went into this year without any fear.

A lot of people go into 2021 without fear, too. They do believe that right now, just because a vaccine is in the know, everything is over and in two weeks’ time, we will see the same world as before the pandemics, again.

A few of us did good 2020, follow all the instructions, rules & regulations to fight the pandemics, some did not and some, like me, mostly did like usual.

Since before the pandemic, I´ve chosen buses, trains, trams, etc with as few people as possible. I´ve chosen paths to walk with as few people as possible, I hang out with as few people as possible at the same time because I do not like to hang out in a large group or a gang.

I´ve chosen to visit public shops, pubs, and bars if possible at times when there are fewer people and no queues.

So as told before I found 2020 quite comfortable. That is a very good thing about 2020.

I am a well-known doomsday prophet and I´ve been right unfortunately too many times. So my verdict is a very grey and gloomy story, I do hope I am as wrong as possible but here we go:

The vaccine will fail. There are a few terms and modest issues that are a too big responsibility for the population of today to handle with care and precision.

So, a very few (only nine)of all my questions & doubts listed here:

  1. Will there be enough vaccine in time in enough countries to protect humans from the virus?
  2. Will there be enough people going through vaccination in time?
  3. The spread of the virus will not be spread only because humans are resistant to the disease itself, no, you can carry and spread the virus despite you are vaccinated. Will enough people act carefully and hold distance long enough?
  4. Will enough people in various countries be safe and vaccinated before people start to travel all over again and break down the wall the vaccines are trying to build?
  5. Will the mutations of the virus mutate more and go wild beyond the vaccines?
  6. Will this virus sort us out and the survivors end up in a Mad Max-kind of after the disaster-world?
  7. Will Iron Maiden be able to finish their “Legacy of The Beast-Tour” or will they go straight and work out with touring their forthcoming album because the pandemics steal too much time for them?
  8. Will the public isolate humans to their nearest areas and close down the public transports and forbid people to leave their postcode to avoid the spread of the virus and in that way, press people so hard so will see more suicides and attempts of suicide?
  9. Will the world wait 6-12 months after enough people supposedly got vaccinated to open up again and how much complete chaos will that occur?

Stand and fight!

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