The Isberg-Chronicles – the best of 2020 part 3

To all you newcomers to my own kingdom of wisdom, this the Thunderdoomsociety, yes there will be a list of my favorite records of 2020 coming. As usual, no single/EP´s, compilations, or live albums. Just full studio albums with fresh & new material.

I publish it on January the first in case there will be a great record released by the end of the year that does qualify for the list and some years do have that.

Coming back to the year 2020 and the isolation and distance to others. I am lucky that I do have someone to turn to, to hang out with and talk to in real life besides my colleagues. Not everybody does have that, they are lonely. Some of them go to bars/pubs to see people, maybe not hang out with them but see that there are other persons existing, that life goes on.

I´ve done exactly that myself days I´ve been down and miserable. It kept me up and helped me through the worst of the crisis. Just to sit there and see people, here people. Some tried to speak to me, but as the reserved, rationalistic cynic person I am, I did not give them much back.

Be somebody I do not know and try to talk to me can be a very dead end.

I try not to talk to persons I do not know if I am not introduced to them because I know that people do not want to be disturbed many times and these days new relations often do not turn up good, at least not in my world.

Maybe I am just a coward protecting myself, I do not know. Some might say that. Contradictions in meanings and processes, I know. Do you know?

I am just not interested in people some times, I prefer to sit at home with my instruments, computers, and machines. So a year of social distance and people completely isolating themselves been perfect for me.

I´ve walked many miles, just be me, no thoughts, just breaths, and the intake of the surrounding. I became an observer. Whatever I did observe I did just observe.

I got time to calm myself down and to see and enjoy nature. I do enjoy the modern urban nature as well as the old forests from the times’ thousands of years ago.

People stalking my Instagram stories saw that in the year 2020 I had a fascination for cranes, construction, and wild nature. A few of these images ended up in the DIY-videos I made for songs by bloodofjupter that you can watch on youtube. When I do have a mood to be shared I rather picture it or sing it than tell you about it.

Live wth it.

Just do it.

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