It is yet more obvious than ever these days of the pandemics. The world is more interested in gossip than quality. Looking at all the music be released, just as an example, or films. The ones with participators having a reputation can be behind whatsoever crap. It will still be talked and written about whilst more deep and quality forced episodes are just passed by and ignored.

The hype is stronger than ever and that is one out of many reasons why I am very reserved towards other persons. They are afraid of what they like themselves if not the “right” people say it is right, then they agree it is good even if they think it is bad and the other way around.

In a world full of negativity people stream up in the floods of bullshit. Like they gave up using their own intellect.

Just one out of many thoughts of what I do see where I do look and one of several reasons why I do hide from the.

Pandemics or not, I still act the same.

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