I dream of waffles and cloudberries…

There been quite a few platonic considerations, lately.

Well, I moved houses in the end and a new era is progressing. Spent most time outside of the office in my new home or in the direct nearby area. There are a lot of things to see and discover out where it is located.

So, a quick on my new local area and all my devastating luxury problems…

Good things:

A slight 666m walk to the local commuter train taking me to the center of the city in just a short while.

The nearest boozer is quite a decent one serving prominent wine & local handcrafted beers. Food not tried yet, though.Loads of wide open and wild nature located within minutes from the house.

There are small, picturesque lakes located every here and there in walking distance from the house, building up the wild nature experience even further by showing another side of nature.

I am very anonymous and just know a very few persons in the area and I am most likely not known by more than them as in artist, DJ, author, lyricist sommelier. I will most likely be identified as another random nobody-dude by the locals.

As always where I live, one central shopping area is just a few minutes away.

Less good things:

The night traffic from Stockholm City does exist, but it takes forever and taxis would cost about or even more than double than before.

There are three better shopping areas in the area, they are all further away and not so walkable if you got newly shopped items to carry.

The nearest Pizzerias tried are not as good as the good one that is a longer walk away.

There are many pubs/boozers in the area, I only find two of them decent enough to drink at, but they cost more money, even more than my water holes in the city center.

There is more visible crimes and seem to be more suspect people in the area than what I am used to. You know the ones that will not löeave you alone, despite you try to walk away from them. I always wear my headphones and pretend not to hear them. Whatever they “need to ask for” it is not for any good for you. They will try to cheat or steal something from you or in worse cases, harm you with violent or sexual assaults.

The next big Q would be X-Box X or PS5? Not able to buy any yet, but need to consider which one to go with. There is a very long estimated time for delivery for PS5 whilst the X-Box seems to be available again, soon. A major failure of the allocation for PS5 for Sweden. Of course, I can always check the possibilities to order a console from abroad, which I might do.

Into the everlasting darkness of December, I go…

Waffles & Cloudberries will be next.

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