Not that many paid attention as people were busy complaining how no Halloween-parties were on, etc.

So, the record came out gently and you can stream/download it from here.

Myself, I had a release ceremony for some lost souls in a medieval basement in the Old Town of Stockholm.

Proud of the record and I boosted loads of energy to work on future material, unforty, I broke my left shoulder a few years ago and it ended up so bad so it isn’t mended and most likely never ever will. So I can not really play guitar anymore, which slows down the process. Anyhow, moving houses now and will build up a minor home studio and see what we can get out of it demo-wise for ca New Years’.

Shit is shit and life is nothing but a disappointment, so I do stuff that at least will make myself happy by the end if the day.

Now float into the magic darkness of November and see what sort of powers will swell up with the frantic full moon by the end of this month…

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