Autumnal Ceremony

Believe me, this got nothing to do with the up and coming Halloween weekend, no.It is just that every autumn about this time I feel so comfortable. The weather is perfect, it is often grey and dull and the temperatures around +10 Celcius mixed with light rain suits me very well and the days are getting shorter but you can still see some daylight before we are passed down into darkness.

I´ve been privileged to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with a very close person this time of this difficult year and I hope it will go on like that. I am also moving houses and going through many other exciting experiences right now. So this is once again my favorite time of the year.

As some saw, I made some cleaning on several social platforms and I do have my reasons. It is not a personal thing. A man just needs to do what a man needs to do sometimes. I know, I am disappointing to some, life is mostly a disappointment, so just walk on and leave it all behind, will you. Nothing will ever come in your favor because you try to solve something you will never ever understand.

I should know, I am sort of into that thing myself at the moment. Just that I at least do have a few slight ideas of what is actually going on. My largest problem is that is how I do sort my self out of it without letting myself down. That is what I had to figure out and if I do not walk the right path at this very moment, I know another one to walk.

Therefore I am, therefore I do act.

So, sometime soon I will celebrate the fall with a great ceremony, hopefully, along with a person, I do care for or otherwise just by myself.

The disappointments from others been far too many this year and I will not include more people than the ones included at this point, as I do not see it would give me nothing but stress and fury as people seem not to live up to their standards, duties, and promises given.

Never ever take anything for granted, not too many things in life lasts longer than you.

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