My hunger for creating… never fed up. Sometimes just lost beyond the senses of the labyrinths of life. Moving on, just like poise with the wind. Be a natural type in the atmosphere. Be everywhere. Make things right. Fvkk things up. The downs and the ups. The rock bottom and the oyster dinners. The clean nature and fresh air of the forrest. I breathe, I am, I become.

Where there is life I do act.

The summer is now past by. Things are getting real again. Things are getting real my friend. Things are settling inside of us. Our future and ambitions. What soaks our faith and burns our flames.

I miss you day in and night out when you are not there to share. Explore the inferno of the chaos in this world. My cycle is centered and I am moving there after. There ever after. Some things were meant. Some was not.

We just float on. We move. No obe can take any heights for where or when it will come to something or be the nothing. There is not nothing, though.

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