Update spring 2020

It’s been a while, I know.
A lot of things in the air this spring, no, not trying to be funny here.
Just a very intense spring that right now brings a hilarious cliffhanger to my life.
There is nowhere to start. It just went this way. Everything unplanned took over my life and now during these days of Covid-19, it complicates things even more.
I do carry an extreme fighting spirit and according to a spiritualist I do have a great aura. I feel no worms in my belly, either. So I do believe I will come out of this as a winner. Exactly how is too early to even consider. I am just quite sure that I will.
Anyhow, life goes on pretty much as usual and I have not been ill, yet or seen any of the symptoms I am aware of.
Stay strong and healthy, my friends.
Never surrender👊!



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