I might creep into my tomb, again…

Sometimes I do mesmerize myself in other knowledge. From out of nowhere I just know things, still, I must play in the kingdom of madness. Day in and day out.

So there are nights when I climb into my vaults and interpreters many of my observations into poems and lyrics. Well translated and covered from where I took it from.

I was about to last night, out of nowhere I got a computer crash, despite having a brand new hard drive on my Mac Book Pro and using the program Word, just typing. It might be a supernatural force that forced over 5000 words away and hide from the world forever. As much as I tried, they are nowhere to be found.

Nevermind, things happens.

So, I might just creep into the tomb again tonight and see what we are taking out of it. Because there at least 5000 more words to be written, there are at least 5000 more words to be told. There are at least 5000 words of dark poetry to be in my forthcoming book.

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