In the book making, again…

I do not actually think that too many souls really do care, but, I am about to finish my second poetry collection. This one is heavy, all material was written post-2016 and in Swedish, too. So I am excited to see what I can do. I have no artist this time. Because of many reasons. First, I want to offer it to Lilith, but she is not so interested to speak as it seems. I would like to see how she can interpret my lyrics in Swedish ash she did with my poems and expressions in English. Secondly, I do have another person I am curious about what she can come up with. Just maybe not for this book. Then I rather leave it unpictured at this point. The second point might be able to do it for the second part of the trilogy, as I decided that all three in the trilogy should be pictured and illustrated at some point.


Well, I differ some day to day in my decisions but this is my latest thoughts and my most common thoughts over the last year or so.

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