As most people having some sort of interest in me at all know by now. 2019 is the year of personal evolution. So besides spending time at the office, in DJ-booths, in the rehearsal studio with my band, watching gigs, host tastings at Fjäderhomarnas Bryggeri or sit at Akkurat drinking beer, I do take studies. Two of them will soon be finished, not too sure I will make the complete examination in one of them, as the course is quite wide and my main interest is just in one of the three divisions. Nevermind, I´ll do my best. The other one should be done so by the end of this month I might do have more diplomas. Later, there is another course I´ve just started and I do hope that I can take place on graduation on the 1st of July.

Spring arrived in Stockholm and the adventures await me one by one. Hard o believe but I actually do have friends, most international though, and it looks like I will see a few of them (unfortunately not the U.K.-based league) in the next 30 days. That is exactly what I do need. My absence from humans is not doing me well in the end. Back home I do try to see ppl on a weekly basis, at least over a beer at Akkurat. Still, sometimes you need more. See ppl on short sessions can make myself feel lonely and a bit sad. Just have to face my situation in life and priority for my personal evolution the year 2019.

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