the end

of a more than a hectic and dramatic year.

still a wonderful year.

unfortunately, I am still a few weeks behind schedule on too many issues. well, I will be back in time with it all soon, I can feel it. but the year gave me many fantastic moments.

the year almost passed through and what I mostly need now is to decide the correct order for my annual record of the year list to be published by January the 1st as every year.

otherwise, I distanced my self more and more from humans and spend most of my spare time reading or playing computer games (YES! I can do both whilst sit and lurk over a beer in any bar so do not smash that up). actually, I do have many reasons for it but I do keep them to my self. sometimes you just feel that certain things are not good for you, then you quit. also turned my back to more people than ever, because when you discover that they are trying to use you in the wrong way, then they are worth absolutely nothing. a few others got whopped away in a sort of accumulation. normally do not use politics, but here I went socialistic: if one from a group of people has to go, then the whole group must go.

equality is another wonderful word for it.

equality, what I´ve always been standing up for. I never cared about any human with any thoughts of how they do look, where they do come from or who the heck they are sleeping with, because that is out of my head, everybody is free to use the world for their own pleasure as long as they do not oppress or hurt others by stupidity or censorship (special the censorship because of “elitism”).

so never mind, I just look into the future.

over this year I made a great evolution at my daytime office job and found the new ways to break down every day’s problem with and got a chance to evolute my job career in a wider moment in the end.  also, I had the opportunity to use my spare time to work with two fantastic Swedish Nano-sized breweries, be Möllys Bryggeri and Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri, keeping my interest in beer up a few notches.

my band bloodofjupiter finally played live and we are working for new skins in 2019. also will be finished with one or two new books in the spring and see if they will be released and when. 2019 starts with a three-day debacle be surgery with an overnight stay at the hospital and on day three I will attend a day cruise with the oldest old school-scene of Swedish extreme metalists as we know it led by the former bass player and founder of the super legendary Swedish band Morbid. then the bloody race is on with travels, festivals, gigs and what so ever…

as you can imagine, I am really burning to step into the year 2019…



this morning I woke up with a flooding nose. a superbly bad timing.

well, nothing to do than stay in bed and hope things turn lose by mid-week. so, missing work, hosting beer tastings and so on I am also unable to go and work out. being 8kilos over my estimated weight after a long time with too much good food and no work out due to a broken shoulder, I was happy that I finally got it going a few weeks ago and went back to the gym and do something about it as I became bloody fat (look at the youtube from my bands latest gig and you can see I am swollen, one of many reasons why it is not linked here).


I go back to rest/sleep now and hope I do can face the world again on Wednesday.