Two more days before mending of certain body parts… rest on Friday and all in on Saturday. Mist likely go and see Undergang tomorrow as they play in the city. Some Danish Death Metal will not hurt.

Also, they sell a split cassette w tour nates Pissgrave that looks interesting.

Whether if I do not survive surgery or not, then I featured myself in the Death Metal Scene from 1987 to the very end…


It’s the day after the election and everybody I talked to seems pissed over the result, no matter who they’d support. Myself I just accept whatever there will be and tries to sort my days at best possible standards.

More important, some of my health issues will be treated so I do see a near future where I will focus on writing and watch movies besides working on my band and our up an coming recording and live show. See how body will act after the minor surgery for Achalasia. It will as well be time for some more nerdery and hopefully will record next podcast, too. Having a thought of a diversion on the contents.

I’ll see what will come or not.

Time just flies and alone I walk, see the days get shorter and the dark nights be longer. It is the autumn of 2018 and I will enjoy it.

Having a holiday today for re-charge battery. Tonight I’ll see UnionCarbide Productions for the first time since June 1st 1990. Makes me sort of feel old. Before I will take a trip and hope to see a wonderful sight. Who knows?

Sunday calls for Bruce Dickinson spoken word and celebrate a young mans 15th birthday.

Great week,started with Incantation this Monday and got on with Dylan Carlson yesterday. Need it as surgery for my Achalasia kicks off next week and I am anything but sure how that will affect me. So try to enjoy life this week. Might be the last week where I can enjoy life in a future to come.

No matter what, as long as I am in shape to perform with my band Decmber the 1st.

Finally the summer came to an end. The brutal heat nearly killed me and it is great to be back to normality again. Had a wonderful afternoon out at Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri just thinking things over a artisan beer or two crafted at that tiny nano-brewery.

Sometimes you need just to go away and let your mind astray for a while. Others would call it to relax. Even for a constant working mind like mine, it is important to load the battery to start all over again. Many things in life approching me at moment. No I did not forget to report about my adventure the other week. It just did not happened yet. Next on the menu is to practice with my band.