The mending of the wind pipe part of my throat, (the thing causing my Achalasia), supposed to be a simple engagement for the doctors. Still convinced something will go wrong. Just pre-paring to fight a few more battles, then. Getting used to fight medical issues. Been part of my life since 2005.

I wonder what happen in death. If we move into some spiritual reincarnation in Universe-B, heaven or just getting maggot eaten six feet under.

Well, as died a few times over the years, I do believe that there is something there and death is not just the end.

I do think a lot about life and death. I met both a few times by now and I fought bought a few times by now.

One sure thing is that I was more alive before dying in 2012. So maybe all that is left is just a pointless zonbie pissing people off with going his own way and not follow the horde of humans. I do not act, do or believe anywhere near most people I met. You do not have to. Feel free to be yourself and no one else.

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