Titles, tiles, titles, tiles. What’s a point? This is what you must understand. As you do. When you do. What is for. What is off. Like a sediment in a bottle. There to make a benefit and a disturbance. There will never be a point with just silence.


Hesitation came by fear. A start by insecurity caused by late registration. As usual. Too much into a hurry. I will see the end of that. My devotion us worth so much more. Time to fight some subconsciousness, say hi, hello and move into the future…

Reflections and summaries. The more I do see, the more I do get, the more I am convinced I am right at one certain direction. I need to set more things a side. New projects coming at me. New schools and other ambitions. Away fromthe past, further away. I did not know but I told myself this saga years ago, now the story is clear in mind.

Time to go back inside and see what strength can do.

Ten minutes later, ten minutes closer. Fifteen minutes too far away. The subject of dreams, the realm of everything that is absolutely not what we want or is it what we really do want? Communication fails. I will not turn back. Sometimes things cannot be or happen, most of them as it seems. I just know that this is happening and I am walking that direction, just taking a slight turn for what to come, this it just never been.

Ten it got me again, like every autumn…  Filmnerdery, mean, in these days of cheap films on sale, I buy as many DVD/BluRays on sale as possible and just watch a few of them. Most likely the ones I already saw. So, licking wounds on Friday after hospital means I will clip 3-4 films directly and kick it all off. So for a few weeks after I will just join life at a few selected gigs.


The mending of the wind pipe part of my throat, (the thing causing my Achalasia), supposed to be a simple engagement for the doctors. Still convinced something will go wrong. Just pre-paring to fight a few more battles, then. Getting used to fight medical issues. Been part of my life since 2005.

I wonder what happen in death. If we move into some spiritual reincarnation in Universe-B, heaven or just getting maggot eaten six feet under.

Well, as died a few times over the years, I do believe that there is something there and death is not just the end.

I do think a lot about life and death. I met both a few times by now and I fought bought a few times by now.

One sure thing is that I was more alive before dying in 2012. So maybe all that is left is just a pointless zonbie pissing people off with going his own way and not follow the horde of humans. I do not act, do or believe anywhere near most people I met. You do not have to. Feel free to be yourself and no one else.