On my way to a home for my heart and for my tongue.

There is art, culture, mysticism, occultism, and artisan

handcrafted works.

So, instead of having a love affair with any human being, I am having an eternal love affair with the place where I do go.

Pictures to be provided.

Culture Festival in Stockholm 2018. The good thing with paying a lot of tax money. Great music and artists over the streets, zones with artisan beer etc all over the city and completly for free. So tonight I’ll bump out to the Tivoli and (this is not part of the Festival), check out skate punkers LagWagon and then back to the water between the Royal Castle and The Opera House to see a most likely fantastic line dancing circus (or what tricks they pump).

There are international bands aswell but the one I do want to see, British The Selecters plays Saturday night when I am somewhere else in the world. Now off to the record store.

Adventure called.

Nature called.

I heard the call.

So here I am somewhere in the deep woods beside the dark side of Lake Siljan. Writing new material and enjoy silence, local beer, and food. The best is that there are rarely any people here as a very limited amount of people found their way here until this very day.



Nearest in the future I will decide art and design for the cover of the up an coming bloodofjupiter-releases and see from where we can create a new logo. Meaning, the aspect that will invocate the correct feeling & sense of the new material.

There is a lot of job of running a band, I can tell, so much more than just write songs and try to find people who can make the songs with you. Now we are close to rise from seven years of lurking in the dark and a massive amount of missions to complete at this stage. First to role us in art and design the sound visually, then to record and later to play live…