Tonight I will indulge a glass of white, like last night. It is that time of the year actually. Your summer taste notes at it´s supreme. Had a Silvaner from Franken with a great fruit sweetness towards a cold soup upon white asparagus (aka German spargel) and fresh shrimps. The combo minerals towards fruit sweetness are something you can not deny it´s excellence of and the Germans know what they do.

Got home and got the new Axegrinder record in the post so it was travelling-to-office music this morning. Sounds amazing. Too much to spin right now and incoming records too. Re-discovered the Oraculum ep, Moenen of Xezbeth & Saltas are top next to new song by Cemetery Urn & all records so ever by Incantation. Just to name a few beside Witchskull, Zeal and Ardor, Lucifer, Octopus and too many other great records and tapes I fell over the last 2-3 months…

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