Last weekend was magic. Great friends, great music, great football and a major hankering for Barolo…

Not just the wine, because I do have a bottle or two stocked up, this time there is something behind the wine I most likely look for. Something woke up something in the mind of this super nerd and next mission is to see if I can manage to create this session.

More sommelier and nerd assignations in the inbox on the liquid part of life. Saturday also means the return to the brewery on that tiny island for three sessions.

Good times, despite that I cheated myself astray in the first part of my Barolo-mission. Just bad timing as usual and I do have to decarbonize a little too much over such a small issue. How typical of me.

This week opens up fine and I do hope I have a few bottles of rare (to me) wine incoming as well as a load of records and t-shirts from Rise Above Records. I will have a visit from a very special person and the odds are low that I will go and watch Billy Idol out of all artists.

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