Tour de France is creeping into the end, unfortunately, it is already over by Sunday. I love to watch it and now I will be restless & bored.

This year’s race has been complex and eventful and very amusing to watch.

Tonight I´ll watch something that might be less amusing, or, who knows? Going down the local Tivoli to see Billy Idol mess up the big stage at 8.00pm. Never been a fan despite a few songs but in Sweden, he gots loads of radio airplay after all these years. So believe it is a must to finally see him perform. Checked his setlist and despite not ever owned a record by him or his former band Generation-X, I recognize all the songs that he will play.

Might be fun, might be “too normal” for me. Who knows.

I will find out for myself…


Tonight I will indulge a glass of white, like last night. It is that time of the year actually. Your summer taste notes at it´s supreme. Had a Silvaner from Franken with a great fruit sweetness towards a cold soup upon white asparagus (aka German spargel) and fresh shrimps. The combo minerals towards fruit sweetness are something you can not deny it´s excellence of and the Germans know what they do.

Got home and got the new Axegrinder record in the post so it was travelling-to-office music this morning. Sounds amazing. Too much to spin right now and incoming records too. Re-discovered the Oraculum ep, Moenen of Xezbeth & Saltas are top next to new song by Cemetery Urn & all records so ever by Incantation. Just to name a few beside Witchskull, Zeal and Ardor, Lucifer, Octopus and too many other great records and tapes I fell over the last 2-3 months…

Danko Jones was in the village signing his new book so I popped by after office and got a copy. Will probably be a brilliant read. Inspired me to write a few new chapters for my next book. Probably ready this fall and if somebody wants to release it will be out quickly after. It is poetry written in Swedish this time and I am satisfied as hell this far. Just wish for a few weeks of insane rain so I can easier go home after work and not slink into one of my favorite pubs. So, I banned myself (not with the staff’s knowledge just with my own) from two pubs to start with. One of the pubs I have not attended for over a month by now and the other one I visited yesterday, so it does not go really well, yet. So I do blame the extreme weather for this. My achalasia is feeling worse in this heat too. Constant pain and sorrows. As always. I was jinxing my future when I wrote “Eternal Soul Torture” for Opeth…

So, I banned myself in total from 2 bars, from all days but Sundays at a third and I see what I will do with the other ones. I really need to spend a lot of less time and money at bars. Sitting alone in a bar is not doing you any happier than to sit alone back home. I never meet interesting people at bars anyhow, or lie a bit but not those bars. At those bars, I just meet the regulars, nothing wrong with them but I got so much more matters of importance to take care of. Maybe I should just allow myself to drink at gigs and at dinings. See how well that will go or if I start to dine out like 5 nights a week haha.

I need a new ride, a new journey and another adventure after all this and I think it is all hidden and planned in my up and coming Barolo-mission for talking in weird tongues. Just learned it the hard way that some things you do not share on social media. Maybe you do not share them at all.

It is what it is.


Last weekend was magic. Great friends, great music, great football and a major hankering for Barolo…

Not just the wine, because I do have a bottle or two stocked up, this time there is something behind the wine I most likely look for. Something woke up something in the mind of this super nerd and next mission is to see if I can manage to create this session.

More sommelier and nerd assignations in the inbox on the liquid part of life. Saturday also means the return to the brewery on that tiny island for three sessions.

Good times, despite that I cheated myself astray in the first part of my Barolo-mission. Just bad timing as usual and I do have to decarbonize a little too much over such a small issue. How typical of me.

This week opens up fine and I do hope I have a few bottles of rare (to me) wine incoming as well as a load of records and t-shirts from Rise Above Records. I will have a visit from a very special person and the odds are low that I will go and watch Billy Idol out of all artists.

Watching the replay of Tour de France stage 10.

The extreme heat over Stockholm is not good for me and as we had it since April I am so fed up.

Working all summer but last wkd I went to Gefle Metal Festival to watch Watain, Venom, Pestilence, Belphegor, Sodom, Tyranex, At The Gates, Coroner etc.

Cool line-up for such a commercial festival (yes they had plenty of radio rock such as Soulfly & Children of Bodom too) and the Saturday was as I believe almost sold out.

Life is pending from up to down and I do have a few projects to set one by one… Just watch me.