The world is such in a devilish mode and changes faces faster than quickly…

Just got two sad news.

1. The ultra legendary Swedish Tatoo-artist Doc Forrest passed away. He’s been doing more than any one in the world for the Swedish tatoo-scene for I do not know how many years by now. Thank you for your dedication and effort.

2. The ultra legendary man behind the Ultra Cinnamon Rolls, Ultra Huset and Kafé 44, Tompa Eken, is retirering after like 666 years in organising underground shows for us lucky Stockholmers… Thanks to his gigs I saw and met the likes of Morbid, Nihilist and Treblinka. When I was 13 he let me play my first Death Metal concert with my first ‘real band’. He’s the man and along Chuck Schuldiner my biggest inspiration in my musical, lyrical and creative moments.

Without him I might would’ve just grew up and become a ordinary Joe. Without him and his organised all ages nights I would never met ppl that became my true friends for life. Words are not enough. A few weeks ago I wrote an ode to him and the same night he was prized by Morbid.

Thanka you Tompa Eken and have a wonderful and super well deserved retirement.

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