Looking at the number of invitations to Midsummer partys over the last, say twenty years some of you can  lick my finger… my social life is declined by everybody pretending to be my friend, as usual.

Yes, you excluded me.

So never wonder why I choose public houses or social clubs or extra work such as brewery brand managing, DJ:ing, tour guiding and sommelier taste classes before many of you in person.

(DARN! I was really pissed at certain persons when I wrote this I can see 😀 )

These deeds and missions are there for me in my time of need.

Most of you pretenders are not, like how often does anybody ask in what condition I am and how I do feel, despite my illnesses and diverse physical problems is not a secret?

Do not pretend to be a friend when you do not care.

I’ve abdicated from friendship to most of you by now.

I can say hi at the pub. You’ll find out if I say hi back and start a conversation or not. I am sick and tired of all these pretenders.

That is pretty much it.


Why I love to work and to do a job and I do like my colleagues. Whether it is tastings, music or office.

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