Early tmrw morning I will face one of my deaths again. Caused by my 2005 trauma or vice versa they finally found out after all these years that I most likely suffer from Esophageal Achalsia. So contrast x-ray to proove them right and then later this month I do meet the doctor to see if there will be a surgery coming or what the heck is going on with that.

So, my story as a main character in the lyrics from the first two Carcass-records floods amd I just sail on and on. No wonder I play “near death metal” with my band, still.

Tmrw night I will, hours after the x-ray, via a shift on my lardy ass in the office-chair, finally spend a silent night at home. Listening to vinyls and maybe do some writing or reading and just pretend I am the last lost soul up on this earth.

Esophageal Alchasia, as cool as it might be to prounounce, as horrible it is to live through. I’d always been sure that I’ll one day will be taken by the aftermaths of the 2005 Boerhaave Syndrome-trauma and I know it can kick off any day like in today or like in 66 years. Just convinced it will happen and before it will happen I do have a few things to do so now it is time for production.

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