One out of many things I do like is when you got posts with long-sought meanings and messages, I use them a lot myself, why people who do not know me well got a big problem with understanding me.

I am not really the fella “you know”. My face and voice might be familiar but you certainly do not know me. It takes more than that.

I am no average Joe and I take absolutely no shit.

If you are not brave enough to put it up in front of my face, then you are not worth my attention.

I used to be such a coward & twat when I was younger. I’ve spread so much shit out of my lips some 15-20 years ago that it was hilarious. I am far beyond that certain time of my life since many years and I took myself so much further.

Just telling you before you go on poop out shit about me being strange/weird, because I can bloody hear you.

Yes, I bloody can!

If you do not know me and never even tried, then shut the hell up and leave me alone.

Such low intelligent behaviour is very unsuitable the year 2018. We got so much better things around such as modern beer, great music and spend more energy to have a laugh with someone than at someone.

I am almost at the top of my life by now.

You should try it, too.

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