Last few weeks did probably contain the weirdest rollercoaster ride of my life with just being life with a packed schedule. I was going up and down really, really fast. Most likely I could not do anything else but hold on. Some parts were frightening, some jolly and some really dull. Some were fantastic and some parts were a bit overrated and overestimated and forecasted way too high.

So is just life. Just happening. Everything always went on somewhere else, as usual. I am the grand master of taking the wrong path (most time finds my way back again after some weird adventures).

Last few weeks were packed and the tempo of the damned called.

Now I do look forward to a slower summer and I will definitely just not patch so much on my calendar from now. I hope the rain and darkness and cold attacks Sweden as I am allergic to the weather someone imported from Sahara or something. I can manage a day or two with bright, hot sun, then I need my cold breezes and grey skies again.

I am in love with October. Soon I hope my love will come back to me again.

Tonight I am back on normal phase. Normal speed. Back on the island close to my sleep.

Back in daydreams and slumber, dominations and number. Where I can feel who I do believe is really me.

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