The world is such in a devilish mode and changes faces faster than quickly…

Just got two sad news.

1. The ultra legendary Swedish Tatoo-artist Doc Forrest passed away. He’s been doing more than any one in the world for the Swedish tatoo-scene for I do not know how many years by now. Thank you for your dedication and effort.

2. The ultra legendary man behind the Ultra Cinnamon Rolls, Ultra Huset and Kafé 44, Tompa Eken, is retirering after like 666 years in organising underground shows for us lucky Stockholmers… Thanks to his gigs I saw and met the likes of Morbid, Nihilist and Treblinka. When I was 13 he let me play my first Death Metal concert with my first ‘real band’. He’s the man and along Chuck Schuldiner my biggest inspiration in my musical, lyrical and creative moments.

Without him I might would’ve just grew up and become a ordinary Joe. Without him and his organised all ages nights I would never met ppl that became my true friends for life. Words are not enough. A few weeks ago I wrote an ode to him and the same night he was prized by Morbid.

Thanka you Tompa Eken and have a wonderful and super well deserved retirement.


What kept my head mist high this spring and summer bee my time out hosting beer tastings at a Micro Brewery down the innards of Stockholms Archipelago named Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri.

Such great beer and such an unbeatable environment.

There are many stories to be told of this group of micro islands so there is no shock that this brewery ended up here a few years ago. If you visit Stockholm and likes great beer, then visit the brewpub (boats from Slussen every hour til like 10pm the entire summer)…

Midsummer was so brutal I nearly missed the pre-order for Mephistofeles ‘Mayhem Sessions on vinyl but yesterday I nailed a copy and today it might be sold out. Some great heavy rock of doom.

The vinyl in two editions will be shipped in a few hundred copies only from Hand of Doom Records in Germany so hurry curry to their site. But you can all listen to it online from Ohub and dig this very raw live session.

Meohistofeles Mayhem Sessions stream

Buy it here:

Pre Order Mephistofeles

Some more great music you can enjoy would be the by now a few years old Black Furs:

The Black Furs Doomed Blues stream

And now you are out shopping, catch my book here:

Ornament of the Ominous Demoniac – the coagulated blood of David

Looking at the number of invitations to Midsummer partys over the last, say twenty years some of you can  lick my finger… my social life is declined by everybody pretending to be my friend, as usual.

Yes, you excluded me.

So never wonder why I choose public houses or social clubs or extra work such as brewery brand managing, DJ:ing, tour guiding and sommelier taste classes before many of you in person.

(DARN! I was really pissed at certain persons when I wrote this I can see 😀 )

These deeds and missions are there for me in my time of need.

Most of you pretenders are not, like how often does anybody ask in what condition I am and how I do feel, despite my illnesses and diverse physical problems is not a secret?

Do not pretend to be a friend when you do not care.

I’ve abdicated from friendship to most of you by now.

I can say hi at the pub. You’ll find out if I say hi back and start a conversation or not. I am sick and tired of all these pretenders.

That is pretty much it.


Why I love to work and to do a job and I do like my colleagues. Whether it is tastings, music or office.

Life ends. All life ends one day.

Some end their own life.

I just read about a daughter.

Missing her father.

He committed suicide last year.

On fathers day, she still saluted him.

Posting a song they sang together.

I do not know what demons you are

wrestling with when you are successful,

have a loving family etc

Just mean that you can not escape from them.

You can not buy your way away from the suicide demon.

My self, I love my life too much to even consider such thing.

Aswell as I do have a few missions to complete before

I go somewhere else.


Tremendous Summer this far.


It might sound odd saying that before saying this,

just the fact that even if certain things are %/€&€%&%, it does

not automatically mean your whole life is destroyed

and you end up on cheap alcohol and pills, no.


The last couple of months just been like a stressful


Made a few decisions and have total

control of my situation for the first time

in years despite the stress.

Some things needed to be left behind.

All unanswered.

The necessary knowledge came from somewhere else.

To fulfill this omission of chaos and congenital esophageal

errors and do not stress up to much mentally I needed

to leave things right where they were and never suppose

to take bring up again.

As suffer Tuberculum Majus Fractur at the same time

meaning soon six months of sleeping problems.

Waking up several times per night in pain

does not make things easier. Also, this means

an involuntary break into doing my favorite hobbies:


play guitar, play pinball, go swimming.


Life is really no fun at all at this moment, therefore.

Well, I am not the guy sit at home whine about such


I do live my life on a daily basis and do what the heck I can

to make it comfortable:

Go to gigs, host beer tastings and other events, try to get my

orchestra of death metal to record, hang out with the people,

walk long and peaceful walks etc


The shoulder fractures are taken care of too, but the doctor

says it takes approximately 10 months to heal so he will

not have a second look at it before the fall. Still under control

and there is a plan for it. Good enough for me and calming my



Now a few days to rest my soul and body

(hopefully, they meet at the same level again).

So I will just swim in the eternal flood of rock and or roll,

poetry, horror movies, great food, and tasteful liquid.


The meaning of life.