Swedish and specially Stockholmian Death Metal is legendary. I grew up in this world and from the age of 12 I was literally raised by Dead & Jens from Morbid. I listened to their tapes along the Mefisto demos day and night in the year of 1987.

Many of the gigs by Morbid, Nihilist, Treblinka & Dismember in the early days were located at Ultra Huset, later Hunddagis and in 1988 I premiered my devotion to Death Metal with my band Casket. Pelle aka “Dead” came along and watched. A very strong memory for a very young boy. Pelle were a great person and he was interested in art at a stage that I did not seen before. We spent many hours talking about art. Like it was our little secret.

I can not remember if I first saw Morbid play at Ultrahuset or another location but it was definitely there from the beginning.

I owe a lot to Jens of Morbid for those days.

When I was bullied by other older persons because I was the youngest, Jens and this guy from Merciless, Karlén, stepped in and took my side. Dictated that enough is enough and they liked to hang with me. Jens later helped me out with my book a lot and is still a giant upon my shoulder.

Back to the main subject, this person, Tompa Eken, I do not know if he invented Ultra Huset in the early eighties or not but he was baking cinnamon rolls, “ultra bullar” back then and booked bands. He still is, today he moved his turbulence from the suburb of Handen to a spot south central in Stockholm City, Kafé 44.

He is booking todays underground scene such as my ex girlfriends sons punk band Jönssonligan (I made him debut on a death metal record with Crucifyre at the age of ten so I take some bloody credits for supporting his efforts, despite what the mother says).

We owe all this to him, giving us the chance to play and to meet each other at a very young age to start with. There will never ever in my world be a greater local hero than Tompa Eken, booking vands, mixing culture and care for young and lost souls. More human than human.

Jens, Karlén, TG, LG & I are still friends and in contact. Seven years ago something happened. Someone bought the whole of Morbids back catalogue for the first ever official release and Morbid hosted a release party at Kafé 44, booked by Tompa Eken, of corpse…. The money they got from the release were held in a fund and supposed to be divided in a scholar ship every year and the the first year had the one and the first price taker were the truest cult hero Jon”Metalion” Kristiansen from Sarpsborg in Norway.

Then nothing happened with that scholarship for a few years and I met them up at the annual old-school invite only party arranged by the one and only Jens Näsström. So they took on the ball and in honour of the great Tompa Eken I must here qoute King Diamond:

“7 years have gone, it can no longer be left undone

The candle must be burn again, and pain

Must follow the unholy flame

So burn… burn… burn

And free the spirit from its chain”

My first ever played death metal show was at Hunddagis in 1988 and was visited by my great friend and art colleague, Pelle ‘Dead’ Ohlin, a fantastic person I had the honour to become a friend with. Also a connection to the great Tompa Eken.

Tonight, we go back to where we came from, to the true underground of Stockholm Death Metal. We go to Kafé 44, we do not need to scream at any censorship or wimps or posers to leave the building. They are not invited. It is the release party for the new record by ppl from the true old school Under The Church, also LIK is playing and Morbid will give their scholarship away to someone.

Thank you so much Tompa Eken for all this. Only death is real and you bloody know it!

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