It is time for the annual spring cleaning. This time I do focus on the most common social medias. Taking a break, at least, from them mainly because the loudness of people and their opinions and rules I do not agree with. I am a bit sick of being noted from people with hidden agendas and extreme opinions. No matter what direction you’ll go. I am so far away from there. Unfortunately, too many people connected to my social medias are not. So I leave you all behind for now.

So if you miss me somewhere, well, I might not come back. I might come back. It might take a week, it might take a year, maybe it will not happen at all. Time shall tell.

I got better things to concentrate my short time on earth with that stupidity I am, or will never be, any part of.

I’ll focus on poetry, music and gastronomy. I’ll stay here in my thunderdoom society. So far away from you.

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