Stockholm Slaughter

The festivities are over for this year and the promotors should be raised as gods from now on.

Such effort and dedication to make this happen despite criminal resistance from the extreme and far left, that all of a sudden attacks metal bands and their members on a Global basis. In some of the cases it is because built up and trolled lies. Why their resistance will never be trust worthy to me in person as long as they are holding on to such bullshit.

Great three sessions with DOOL, Fides Inversa and One Tail, One Head being the best bands in my opinion.

I hope this fest will survive. Otherwise it would be a victory for the evil forces of the opposition.

I met people from all over the world, with all skin types and sexual habits. You can call us what you want but there is no way that we are any sort of fascists. The censorship hordes and Siewert Öholm supporters can creep back into the caves where you probably came from.

I belong to a lively, generous, welcoming, equal and creative scene of metal. So did this festival.


Game on…

Due to a soccer game w my local team A.I.K. I missed plenty of bands yesterday for the opening night of Stockholm Slaughter. I managed Septic Flesh, Aura Noir and the marvellous Asagraum.

Now on way to day 2 starting with band # 3 on the bill Enforcer for me.

Total Destruction

It is my all time favourite song by Bathory from their second album #”The return……” and it is also a slogan of the musical destruction I stayed close upon since 1985.

So I am more than frantic about this weekend as we will see a great festival named Stockholm Slaughter – the Second Coming… open its doors for the second year. Highlights on the forecast in my world say: Swallow the Sun, Count Raven, Masters Hammer, Entombed A.D., Sinister, Tsjuder, One Tail, One Head and the supreme dutch wonders DOOL.


So looking forward to this weekend into a hall of extermination.


I do hope to see you there…


I am really excited to watch the film “Scream for me Sarajevo” with Bruce Dickinson tonight.

Due to lack of friends because of Roadburn (yes, my homies still go there despite they can never go back to 2011 & pre-years standards, I´ve been last few years as well and it is still good despite being far from the glory days) it looks like I do have to watch the film all by myself.

I´ll bet NO ONE will text my phone and ask for that spare ticket as most of the suspected guests that could go along with me will not be in this city tonight.

Who gives a F by the end of the day…

Other good news is that Uncle Acid & the deadbeats released tickets for their up and coming European tour today.

Just got the news that no less than a super package of Iranian treasure Hassan K, the Canada that is far away from riding police officers, Comet Control and the absolute marvellous yankees in Earthless will pinch down a certain Truckstop outside of central Gothenburg this coming Saturday the 14th of April. I would really go there but I am seeing All Pigs Must Die in Hangaren in Skarpnäck south oft south Stockholm the same night. A great number of shows in this country this time of the year.

I’m back on some self-soul torture all of a sudden. I push myself too hard and do find major failures, that actually do not exist for others, in my behaviour.

So, now I do have to focus and pass this stage or something will go wrong. It already started. I lost a bag of vinyl I bought yesterday. So someone gets Peter Perret and Napalm Death for free. Well, it is a true treasure as both records are really great.

I can buy them again.