The Nerds of the Beast – Episode 5.

Episode 5? WTF happened to episode 3 & 4?

Hold on they are just a bit delayed.

So as a little x-mas bonus for all of you here it is just as Árstídìr probably finish their annual x-mas gigs and drink the beer they do talk about here. This is the episode with Icelandic folk & singer-songwriters Árstídìr. An excellent little quick talk just before they hit the stage in Stockholm December the 20th 2017.

A lesson in some Icelandic beer-history, being a band on tour, Ninkasi Brewery be a fan and fill their tour bus with beer TWICE etc. David Isberg meets Gunnar Már Jakobsson & Ragnar Ólafsson from Iceland’s folk music heroes Árstídìr just before they bumped onstage for a fantastic final gig after a five-week tour with Sólstafir. A true classic!

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Due to health issues, there is no way I can go to Eindhoven Metal Meeting this up and coming weekend.

So I apology to ppl looking forward to having a drink with me at this festival, I know there are one or two and it is really a pity as they got the best line-up ever with some of my favorite music such as Merciless, Blasphemy, Extreme Noise Terror, Dool, Cult of Fire and so on.

Never give in. I will survive (I hope) and come back for more adventures up and around in the world.

Week 49

Last night I accidentally participated in what became The Famous International Doom & Beer Coven X-mas Bash 2017. Included all the necessary people from that side of my life. Not the entire gang I meet at Roadburn but a great number of five lost souls turned up at the X-mas market down Nya Carnegiebryggeriet including one foreigner, well we actually did not participate in the market that much we sat inside drinking heavy, expensive and exclusive beers where most of them is only available at the brewery’s tap room these days.

Four of us looks like this, the fifth element was in a stressy hurry for some train and bailed out before this pic was generated.


Tonight the person whom designed and helped me put out my book, Carl Abrahamsson is holding a very interesting Webinar:



Not sure if I can participate in this as not sure being back home in time due to other, important commitments.


Next week is week 50 and I do have many things coming up. A friend is playing a roll on a large Christmas Show I will go and see and apart from that it is time to celebrate this year of metal at Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Other plans are to finalize two new shows of the pod, finalize more written material etcetera before X-mas eve. We´ll see how much time it is left. I will certainly do my best to please my readers and listeners.

There are all these elements and passages in life. Each time you’ll pack your bag you do have to leave certain things, issues or persons behind.

You are breaking up with that certain part of your life, jump on the vessel and move on.

There was actually a song written about the time this decision was settled.