…moving houses and then be very afraid…

just sayin´



ouff, did some tidying up and now it really looks like hell here haha. fixing one chaos gave me a few more. now time to eat a portion of chilli, try to be social at someone’s 50th anniversary and then get some doom from Windhand at Debaser tonight. I might be a boring

to most of you I might be a boring weasel just drinking my complex beer n wine bottles, see bands most have not heard of and do not often socialize with others at all, but I am pleased with myself and got some harmony in my inner self, compared to others as it looks to me.


in nomin​e

bitters and sours versus sweets and salts. you can fall down eternal discussions and they are just damnations as they would not lead anywhere as it is personal and you do not know shit how what tastes in my mouth and why. how evolutionary your senses in taste will be these days. yes, most thoughts should be relevant to these days. if it is forgotten in the past it is probably not good enough or that invention got unlucky and maybe the world would not be a better place due to its awareness of that something these days. what I did 25 years ago or more is not relevant to these days. where I woke up in 1977 is not relevant these days and whom I fucked a few years ago is not relevant these days just because it is not there anymore it forgotten and buried in the past and will never see the light of day again. as not being the largest fan of Stephen King I can still see the good point in a story like “pet semetary”. the past should not always be alive because by the end of the day you will not relive your past, just the glorious moments of it. as dealing with my demons and damnations of my past according to my handicaps and other defects caused by the past and reminding me of days that were not a third as good as these days every day I should know. know enough to cure me. know enough to sweat it out, to scream it out to work it though to not let it takes me to not let me bury myself in these thoughts these days about days that were not as happy as these days because they were the days when I did not know what I now do know and that is pretty much why I fucked them up so bloody hard.