Last early bird call…

To buy the book for the early-bird offer. Tmrw my greed will reign and price will increase.

Support the underground!


Last week for online orders of my debut book!

Last week to buy my debut book online and get it shipped in a unforseen time is THIS week.

Link will fall out on Saturday then it will be gone for a uncertain time to come.


Also the price will go up after this week as “per-order”-offer ends. So it will cost 400:- SEK instead of todays

333:- (ex shipping) when it will be sold again.

book release party!

Saturday the 12th of August will see the birth & death of the original Printing of 300 only copies of our book.

Online orders will be available online until July the 28th.

Thereafter the books original first pressing will be available only at this releaseparty and at special events as long as lasts (mean you have to come in person or send a friend), then disappear into it´s nothingness.

Secure your copy in the shop.

More info on this event will come nearer Saturday the 12th of August.


Book pre-order launched!

I hurried things up so pre-orders go online 8 days before planned!
So, now pre-production is final and the book is being printed and a small smug opening on the order page for pre-orders is available.
There are 300 copies that will be hand numbered & hand signed personally by me in the correct number your order comes in. You are assigned a number when you buy a book. I do not distribute the book to anyone in person, not even locally.
There is also ABSOLUTE no press copies  of this edition, but if you must have the book and are some kind  of journalist / writer / mediatype, you are welcome to purchase your copy like everyone else.
A few copies is expected to be sold at a planned release party along other exclusive and strictly limited merchandise such as prints and surprises.
The book is expected to be shipped out at the end of July / beginning of August.