Found this modulated pic a few years ago on the interwebs somewhere and tonight they’ll play the local Tivoli in Stockholm.

Going to be tremendous!


One of the things today is my multitasking, which I know I will miltitask hard not too. 

Aye best #FAIL! in a long time were my pic w Paradise Lost from last weeks pre-listening w me having a hung over stylish hair and a very open fly.
Pinball tourney coming up tmrw. Pimp my homestudio on Sunday (sunlight) for next weeks demo recording.

No rest til yer flickered.

Just sayin…

Ha, all us old school Stockholmian/nearby areas death metallers are accidentally arrogant.


The same faces as I met in 1987 that are still part of the scene and society today

are bloody arrogant and breaks laws, rules and regulations without meaning it.

We just are spawned that way.


So if I offended anyone, not sure I am sorry cause I did no harm.

If you are not ok with that, then keep distance from me.

It is simple and I will not be offended.