I never been good inviting folks to events. If I´ve been it is because I do paid others to do it for me.

So if you are not invited, I do not mean to exclude you. It it feels that you belong you are free to come.

It is all about them of you whom feels I can give.

So you can take.

Never to abuse.

Just to use.

Because there is only one whom can take, use and abuse my soul.

The one whom already stole my heart away from you others.

What is true never dies.

Some times it changes directions.

It just never dies.

Because it is the naked truth.

The most inner you can ever feel.

Sooner or later t will come back and haunt you.

Chase your mind.

Stalk your steps.

It will be with you night after night.

It just neither walks away or dies.

It will sway behind you in the shadows for thousands of years.

It is for one reason.

People are good at hiding away from it.

They realize sometimes too late.

Because it will never die.


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